How Often Do You Visit LV TPF


how often do you visit LV tpf

  1. every minite possible! at work! after work! during sleep!

  2. Hourly

  3. Daily

  4. Weekly

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  1. Pppooolllll It ^^^^^
  2. twice a day! where is the poll?:search:
  3. im on all day.. lolz so i voted daily
  4. haha dido!
  5. Every possible minute!
  6. I log on AT LEAST once a day if not even more. :biggrin:
  7.'s so addicting! I love seeing what new goodies everyone gets or what they're torn about getting:tpfrox:
  8. Always love to see what's new on tPF at least once a day!
  9. This is a great forum! I enjoy it a lot and I just got here!
  10. ~Me too:nuts:~
  11. I just keep refreshing the page at home or on my Blackberry when I am out and about.. always gotta know the latest in the LV world!
  12. Several times a day...depends what's going on!
  13. ^Lol same here. I'm on the Authentication thread a lot so I log in quite a few times every day.
  14. TRY ot be on here all the time.:tup:
  15. Several times a day!