How often do you vacation with your family?

  1. My parents would want to go on vacation at least once year but it got harder as I got busy in high school and now it's even harder in college. And I feel guilty because I keep wanting to go on vacation with my friends instead of family. Not that I don't want to go on vacation with my family!

    How about you? How often do you vacation with your family (mom, dad, and siblings)? Where do you go and what do you do? Does it get even harder when you have your own little ones to stay close to your roots?
  2. When I was a kid I would go away for two, maybe three, weeks every year with my family + maybe a short weekend trip or two throughout the year. When I turned 18 I started traveling with my friends instead, and my parents were free to travel on their own :p They travel much more now that they don't have to drag me and my brother around with them, haha :p
  3. when i was in hs, we use to go maybe about twice a year. my parents wanted to go on more but like you said, i went through a stage where i'd rather vacation w/ friends or not go at all. i missed out on some great vacations though so i regret not going now.

    my favorite family vacation was thailand. it was a lot of fun. we stayed right on the beach so lots of lounging and water activities. there's also plenty of shopping in bangkok. a few of our bigger trips have been to hong kong, malaysia, macau, japan, hawaii, and just this past may taiwan.

    the taiwan trip was a lot of fun. my siblings and i are all in our mid-upper twenties now. my older bro and i brought our significant others along. we did a lot of shopping, eating, hiking, sightseeing, and visiting relatives.
  4. When I was in middle school & high school we would travel about 3 or 4 times a year to Disney World (it's only a 4 hour drive for us, and we have the annual passes), and then one big trip (Colorado, New York, Las Vegas, or a cruise). Throughout college I went through the phase of not wanting to take so many vacations with family and since then I've gone about once a year to Disney, and last year we went to Europe.
  5. As a kid we traveled quite a bit... maybe 6-10 trips a year (maybe more). I still go with my family if I can, and Vlad comes too. So I probably still go with them about 2-3 times a year :yes:

    We love family time together- so I do it while I can. But Vlad and I travel ALL the time too... so pretty much, I live out of my suitcase :amuse:
  6. the last time i went on a trip with my Senior year in high school (almost 4 years ago), we all went to Boston when I competed in the high school debate Grand National Championships. not REALLY a vacation, but we did stay a few extra days after the tournament to site-see. before that...i can't even remember! maybe DisneyWorld in middle school?

    my brother and father DO NOT travel well - they get grumpy quickly and become extremely hard to deal with and impossible to please. My mom usually travels with two of her friends from college, and I usually travel with my friends. Just works better that way!
  7. Never. My mum doesn't like to travel & my dad is disabled.. so holidays aren't really an option. We went to Menorca (I think?!) twice when I was like 2 & 4. & I've been with my auntie & uncle to France a few times when I was like 12 & under.

    In the summer I went to Florida with my friend & that was the most amazing holiday ever! I'm glad I went with my friend instead of family though, because I'm an only child & wouldn't really of had anyone to go on rollercoasters with LOL.

    It's so strange though, because my family REALLY aren't travelling kind of people & I'm completely the opposite!
  8. i travel with my parents quite often because my BF hasn't gotten the travel bug just yet. we take maybe 3 short weekend trips and one big trip a year.
  9. I go on short trips with my mom several times a year (spa weekends, shopping weekends etc.), but as a full family we haven't traveled since I was in college.

    Since I live far away from my parents and I'm an only child, their vacations are often visiting me!
  10. we have around 3 trips back to asia (to visit my parents), around 2-3 trips to visit UK (to visit my parents in law), and short trips to US every now and then (normally these are spontaneous trips).
  11. I forgot to mention that when I was 16 I didn't wanna go with my family on vacation, so I stayed home while they went away. By the time I turned 17 I realized that a free trip to Greece wasn't so bad, though, so I joined them again :p The last time I went on vacation with my family, I was 19. We live very close to each other (actually, I live in a house on their property) so we see each other pretty much every day the rest of the year.
  12. Now that I'm in college I usually go to Korea with my parents every year to visit family then maybe on additional trip with the entire family. (parents and my two brothers) Every year we would go on a cruise, Disney World every other year, and several trips to California/Minneapolis/NYC to visit family ever year.
  13. Before I graduated High School, my parents, brother & I would go on a 2 week vacation every summer. Now that I'm with my BF, I only go on a 1 week vacation with them either once or twice a year.
  14. I just graduated college and I still go on vacation about once a year (usually for Christmas) with my family- we're going to Hawaii in a few weeks. I went through a phase in high school when I hated going anywhere with my parents, especially vacations. But now when I think back on all our vacations, I'm so glad I have those memories! And over the summers when I was in college, my mom and I would spontaneously pick a place and go for the weekend. My whole family has the travel bug!

    Plus, going places with friends is fun, but seeing things on your parents' dime is even better!
  15. I go on ~3 vacations per year with the family...

    We go to our vacation home for 1-2 weeks every summer. It's the only time everyone is there at once.

    Then there's usually a wedding or funeral to attend and our extended family is all far away, so we'll travel together, stay at the same hotel, go out to eat... So I guess that sort of counts as a vacation :shrugs:

    My sisters and I try to also do a girls' only trip every year as well. We've done two Caribbean vacations and they've been sooooo much fun!!!