how often do you use youre bbags?

  1. Do you guys honestly use them everyday or just for going somewhere special? I honestly don't use mine very often. It's in the box on most days.
  2. I use MULTIPLE bbags, every day:yes:
  3. I wear a Bbag everyday because that's all I own!:p
  4. I use them!!! I'm not going to get a new bag and not use it- not on your life!!! I do trade around between my bbags as well as other designers, but I use them all!!!!!
  5. Almost every day...although other designers are rotated in. IMHO Balenciaga is not a 'special occasion''s an everyday kind of bag!!! Special bags are more things like clutches or exotics!
  6. I wear them everyday, but then again... I only have bBags~!
  7. Almost every single day. I have one Prada Tobacco pushlock that I love and it gets a lot of use but it's mostly Balenciaga's. My LV's, Chanel, Prada, etc. sit in the closet for special occasions. I sold a lot of my other bags last fall and kept only the ones that I really like and use.
  8. since i bought a b bag, then two, then three, i've never touched the other brands i have in my closet again. my poor yves saint laurent (the corn model), 2 gucci, miumiu and 2 prada are useless. i only lay my eyes on my b bags. mostly because they are more practical. the ysl corn one is "en daim", the leather can be ruined by the rain, the gucci jakie o all leather is too small and the form doesnt fit my everyday's lifestyle, etc etc. so for me, no other bags are better for your everyday's life than the b bags. i can put everything i have in them without being afraid of deforming it, dont need to hide it when it rains (and it rains so often in paris).
    i've found the bag of my dream : Balenciaga:love:
  9. EVERYDAY - but every few weeks or so, i rotate. otherwise, no point of getting these bags when i let it sit in the dark.
  10. I use my bbags every day. I love them too much to keep them at home where they cannot be seen by anyone. Since I discovered BAL other brands just don´t "feel right" anymore....
  11. Every single day.
  12. Almost every day. I have a few Prada evening bags, but otherwise it's bbags or once in awhile one of my MJs.
  13. I just got my first bbag yesterday and I had intended on using it daily but I am in law school and last week a girl in my class sitting next to me opened her soda and it sprayed every where! It got on my bookbag but thank goodnes it did not get on my lv I was carrying that day. Now I don't want to take my bbag anywhere other people will be near it!!
  14. everyday! sometimes i use my other bags but generally, my bbag is the one i use. :smile:
  15. everyday to work, school,.....?