How often do you use your Muse?

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  1. I was wondering how many times do avid lovers of the muse use their bag. daily, weekly, monthly, every so often?

    please do tell:yes:
  2. Hmm... I used to carry my large muse all the time (almost on a daily basis), but now I'm addicted to my downtowns because it's less structured in shape :shame:
  3. Not too often these days. I'm on a Balenciaga kick - that being said the XL chocolate muse is one of my favorite bags of recent years. I like knowing it's sitting there waiting for me! :heart:
  4. Occasionally. I use my downtown and tribute as daily bags - they are less damage bound.
  5. *
  6. once a month. I have an ivory muse so taking it out too often might get the bag dirty... so the only times I take it out is just for a little sun
  7. Um.. maybe once a month?
    I've been using my Muse II daily though!
  8. I haven't been able to use my beige Muse much since school has started again. I used it as my handbag on my plane ride back, but since the weather is just awful, I just use it occasionally to go out for dinner or over to a friend's.
  9. I used to wear it about once a week... but since I got the Besace in Oct, zero. I guess I should bring it out again.
  10. twice a week or more
    I always feel great using it
    (large black)
  11. I change bags almost every day, so my muse (large patent raspberry) gets used about once a week or every couple of weeks. It's still one of my favorite bags.
  12. I have a large muse in a red patent. I change bags frequently so maybe a few days a month.

    I do love it though - holds so much and not too flashy.
  13. I change bags almost every day, too, so it gets used about 1 time every week or two. It's my favorite brown bag, though!
  14. i use mine for work and take it out about 1 week a month. i love the understated look and the calf leather softens with age and use. it's a classic imo