How Often Do You Use Your MONO Speedy 30?

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  1. Hi everyone! I am thinking about getting a mono speedy 30 before the price change and would like to know how often you use your monogram speedy 30? I know it's extremely common but it's really iconic. Thank you for your help!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  2. For me it has been almost everyday, I say almost because we are having on and off rain, but every since I got it for XMas, I have been carrying it over my galliera.
  3. I have the 25; my bags are in forced rotation and I have 8 bags. So, my mono speedy gets used 1 week every 2 months.
  4. I love this bag!! I would change bags every other week.
  5. I rotate all my bags equally so I use it about twice a month.
  6. I got the mono speedy 35 as my first LV bag and I used it everyday of my life cos I was so excited and the size is perfect for even A4 documents! However that was like for 2months n after that my collection increased and I fell in love with the multicolore collection and now I hardly touch my speedy 35 anymore. Maybe once in 4 months now. My DH wld joke n say 'I thought u love your mono speedy?' I wld say 'yes. . . I still love her . Didn't I use it everyday Last time?'

    hehehe. . . That's just me!
  7. I have the 35, and I usually switch bags at least once a month? (or to match something on occasion) I really want to buy the LV strap, so I can carry it on my shoulder!
  8. I have the 25 and 35. I use the 35 pretty much everyday, unless I want to use a shoulder bag.
  9. Thanks guys!
  10. I use my mono Speedy 30 whenever I don't need a shoulder bag. I would say 40% of the time. It is a fabulous bag, and I absolutely adore it! In fact, I am considering getting another 30 in the Mon Monogram!
  11. out the 8 i have i MIGHT use them once a year each or maybe twice a year...
  12. I always take my 35 to work. It's such an easy bag to maintain plus it holds all my crap (including snacks!)
  13. I haven't used mine for ages .. But I promise to use it more often when I get my new mon monogram hehehe
  14. About once a month. It's not practical for me right now since I have a 1 year old. However, I foresee it being in heavy rotation in a few years............ :biggrin:
  15. I use my ebend everyday...rains a lot where I live.=) Mono only comes out when its sunny cold or warm!