How often do you use your Chanels?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm thinking about getting a classic black caviar flap bag (the 2.55) and was wondering how often you girls use yours? I usually carry quite a bit of stuff in my bags and was wondering if it would just sit in my closet. Is it an everyday bag or do you only use it when you go out? Any insights would be appreciated...thanks!!
  2. Everyday! Figure I paid too much money for it to sit in the closet!
  3. I also have the caviar flap 2.55 but I only carry that on nights that I go out to dinner or a special occation. I have a lof of stuff and find myself using my Cambon and souple purses a lot more.
  4. about half the time.
    I really have 2 bags that I use, my Chanel Luxe and my LV Batignolles Horizontal.
    I carry my Chanel when I need black accessories and the LV when I don't!
  5. I use my 2.55 evenings only. I use it maybe 5-10 times a month.

    I have some Chanels I almost never use. I wear my caviar tote daily, though!
  6. i use my cambon everday, i don't own any other bags.
  7. once a week, too many bags to choose from so it depends what I'm wearing
  8. Thanks for all your responses so far! Here is my dilemma: I've always felt that I need the 2.55 since it is such a classic purse, but have always postponed buying it (every season I find more "everyday" bags that I know I'll use more and thus I buy them instead of the 2.55). I guess I'm just trying to convince myself that I'll use the 2.55 more than I think I will to justify foregoing my next "everyday" bag and finally buying it. My belief that I'll "always be able to get it if I need it" also contributes to the postponement in my purchase. I know only you gals will understand my problem...what do you think?? Should I go for it or get the next "everyday" bag I've been eyeing?
  9. Hi Kitty! I had the same feeling. I finally ended up buying a 2.55 because I felt that I needed the classic bag and after about a year, I had only used it a few times for special occasions. I just carry too much to use the 2.55 as an every day purse and also like to carry a big tote. I do use my cambon totes alot as well as my medallion purse.
    I ended up selling my flap purse on e-bay for a big loss...
    Buy what you love and will think you will use!
  10. Hi, I have a 2.55 reissue which I use quite often. Which everyday bag were you thinking of buying?
  11. So glad you can identify with my thinking macp6! Rose, the everyday bag I'm considering is the LV hobo bag (Onatah GM) that's coming out this fall in cowhide. I liked that bag in suede but couldn't bring myself to buy something so fragile. I figure the size would be great and the hobo style would be light and comfortable. It's a tough decision to keep putting off the Chanel but I agree, I should get something I think I will use. Still, the flap bag just seems like a staple I need to have in my closet. HMMM...
  12. I am looking for an 'everyday' bag as well. I do like (actually love!) my 2.55 but it is small and I find myself using my Botkier trigger a lot. However, I do use it enough to have justified buying it. I am trying to decide between a cerf and LV cabas at the moment....
  13. Hmmm...I've heard many good things about the LV batignolles horizontal, but there is no zipper to close it. People also seem to like the LV chelsea bag, which does zip. Can't go wrong with the cabas but a lot of people have it (in NY there are tons of fakes too). Try them on and see!
  14. i use my cambon a lot, probably about 3-4 times per week. my 2.55 i use only at night, maybe once a month
  15. A zipper on top would be nice....
    The search goes on. It's a fun way to spend the day. I will probably stick to Chanel, just looking for the perfect 'everyday' one. The cabas would have been ideal except for the ton of fakes (NYC is my stomping ground). I have stared a thread asking everyone to post photos of their 'everyday' favs for ideas.