How often do you use your birkin?

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  1. Hi everyone, I would really love a black togo 35 but not sure when I could use it. I am a business owner and mother of 1 and most of my day consists of small errands and soccer practice etc. I'm just wondering if it's realistic to use such a great and expensive bag for just everyday??? I mean I don't think I would carry it to soccer practice, so just wanted to know if you ladies use yours on a daily basis
  2. As often as I possible can . In all seriousness, I rotate my bags depending on outfits but I use my B and K multiple times a week to go to work, to go to dinner, to go to the store, etc. I'm sure you'd get tons of use out of a black B. Super versatile and useful!
  3. A Birkin bag can follow you wherever you want. We like to baby them but they are very resilient and tough guys! :amuse:
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  4. A couple of questions to consider:

    - Do handheld/elbow carry totes work for you? If you need a bag that goes over your shoulder, this one won't work for you.

    - Will you feel self-conscious carrying a Birkin? I don't own one (mostly because of the lack of a shoulder strap), but I honestly believe this is a bag that can go just about anywhere, including soccer practice if you are comfortable with that. It can accompany you running errands, to business meetings, out to dinner, to sporting events, etc. Probably not black tie, but just about anywhere else. But if you will feel like all eyes will be on your bag because it's a BIRKIN, and that will make you feel uncomfortable, then maybe it isn't the bag for you -- or at least, not for everyday. But if you google photos of Jane Birkin herself, it becomes clear pretty quickly that she uses her bag, and uses it hard. Which leads me to...

    - Will you allow yourself to use the bag, or will you be too afraid of damaging it? There is nothing sadder than getting something you want, only to have it sit in its box, unused. It's a lot of money, so be sure you'll be OK with spending that amount on a bag and then it getting scratched hardware or rubbed corners. That's what spa is for!

    I think if you love the bag and will use it, go for it!
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  5. While I have a 32cm HAC rather than a B35 I use it all the time. I'm a business owner, extremely busy and running around and it's one of my favorites to grab. I could carry it just about every day unless I have to carry lots of stuff, then I go for a shoulder strap. I don't know your business but it's less conspicuous than you would think and I live in a metro area with an H store. Often I turn it so the hardware faces my body and it blends a bit more without the flashy gold. I know some people don't take their H to the grocery store, hardware store etc but honestly most of my life is running errands so when else am I going to carry it?
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  6. Now that I don't work, I take mine pretty much everywhere, including colors other than black. The key for me is to have at least 3 bags sitting out, ready to be grabbed and used. I rotate. This "forces" me to use them all fairly regularly. On occasion, I grab my wallet out of it and leave it in the car.
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  7. I do the exact same thing. I use a Fourbi organizer. Takes seconds to transfer contents from purse to purse. It helps that I only have Birkins in one size.
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  8. I use my Bs and Ks every day during the week to go to work. I rotate all of them, so all of them get used.
    During the weekends I prefer Lindy, Halzan, Evelyn but sometimes if I don't have time to change my bag and my Bs or Ks can go on during the weekend too. My Bolide gets the least use. I use my Bs and Ks during weekday evenings also even if it is to go to my DD' s gymnastic practice. After so many years of using almost always Hermes I am not self conscious about carrying a Birkin around to daily activities. After all it is a great bag and needs to be used. ☺️
    For formal or evening occasions, I wouldn't use any of the above and prefer to wear an evening clutch instead.
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  9. My Birkins do every dy life because thats what the BIRKIN was created for it is not a TROPHY my bags do work kids birthdays extreme travel and honestly the ones i wear most look amazing very well loved. look at pictures of jane firkin victoria beckham etc....
  10. This is an excellent list.

    The only thing I would add is, the Birkin is quite heavy... It's what, four pounds empty? I personally could never haul something that heavy even when it's empty around in my normal day.
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  11. I don't carry mine all that much but I do love it. I would say I carry a Birkin maybe twice a month. My reasons for not using it are:
    - I don't baby the bag insanely but I'm not taking it, say, to a muddy playground or the rock climbing gym.
    - There are some work and social circumstances where I am not comfortable carrying it because it's so recognizable. In your situation, as a business owner, it may be an advantage to have a "power bag" is for me sometimes!
    - I don't find even the B35 in Clemence to be heavy, but it IS annoying to always hand-carry it. I can fit the bag over my shoulder but that's not how it looks best.
    - Mostly I carry my Bs less since I got Ks and Evelynes and Garden Parties and a Toolbox, all of which I love just as much and are for me more everyday useful. (And I worry about the Evies and GPs less!)

    That said, if you love the Birkin then I think you should go for it. I will keep buying them occasionally - they are just not the most used of my bags.
  12. honestly i agree with birkel 1200000% on the birkin i wear the most look the most amazing. The leather!! when it is well worn gets the sheen and the texture is just so beautiful brings out H quality to 1000%
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  13. You really can take it everywhere but I dont always do so either. I am at tennis courts nearly every day and I havent taken my B there yet. I have a 30 and its not quite large enough for extra shirts, bottle of water etc. so I end up taking an LV which I can fill to the brim with all of this junk and still carry wallet phone etc. I am undecided if I will try for another 30 or get a 35 and see if I use it differently. Even the 30 can feel a little heavy at times. I also have a kelly which is a nice option but I feel a bit formal for my lifestyle.

    I think someone running around doing errands and living life with a B is a beautiful sight.

    maybe I should start taking it to the courts...
  14. I laughed at this because I have several Bs in many colors and use one every day for work. I switch for formal events where I think a tote won't do - usually to a Medor or other clutch or Kelly. When I go shopping, I use a Garden Party or Goyard. I really don't stray too far from H.
  15. Love this ❤️ Completely agree.