How often do you use the internet while at work?

  1. This is my first job with the internet. I feel weird using it but it refreshes my mind (I'm in the design field) and keeps me from going crazy with boredom.

    I use it a couple times throughout the hour, sometimes hanging around in the forum for example, just for 10 minutes tops.

    Is this terrible? I've actually gone almost 2 months here without using it because I felt afraid to, haha. I honestly feel like my ideas are better (more variety) rather than variations of the same thing because I take breaks like this.

    I'm sure it's something to learn for myself as I go along as to what is too much for me.

    But I was curious how often some of you use the internet while at work? I'm SURE most of you are of course employed and are posting from work, but still, how often do you use it?

  2. i use it constantly only because the company i work for doesn't have an IT department to spy on people... if your company has an IT department i would definatly be careful of where you go, what you do and how often you do it. most places don't care, but if you're new they might. they can pull up anyone's screen and see what they're doing.

    there's only 7 people in the company i'm with and i'm bored a lot so i come on here and some other message boards... check email... play games...
  3. You mean pull up the screen but only while you're on it though, right?

    At my other job (don't have free use of the net) I needed tech help and the guy over the phone for the company asked if they could have my IP address and see my screen. I have thought about it while here, haha. Which was partly why I didn't.

    Do you happen to know how to find out if they do? Or would I have to be told probably... haha. It's a small place of 3 other people but it's all on the computer.
  4. at one job i worked, i had to goto the IT department for some reason and they showed me how they could pull up anyone's computer screen at any time (if the computer was on) and use it as their own or watch what that person was doing.

    my other friend started a job so we emailed back and forth for awhile and she got told she emailed too much. so that ruined my fun.

    i can even download things without a worry. it's great!
  5. you could email friends a lot and see if anyone says anything ;) or watch to see what your co-workers do on their computers. if they're on the internet a lot then you're probably fine.
  6. This girl that used to work here would E-Mail CONSTANTLY... I just wish I asked her about it, haha. She didn't hide her history either when she left or when she went on vacation-- MySpace and E-Mail. So maybe they don't have it but I still wonder, haha. I really don't feel comfortable asking anyone else... at all.
  7. well if she didn't get fired then i think you're pretty safe ;) especially if it's a small company. i think it's the super large companies that keep tabs on their employee's internet usage.

    my friends who finally got full time jobs keep telling me they were told they can't use their work email for personal use but that's totally bogus because almost everyone does because some people don't have email at home. i think they say that so it doesn't get out of hand.
  8. I work for an Internet company, so I'm on the Internet all day. If i get bored on a conf call or something, I'll start wandering sites.
  9. Very often. I'm the VP of a software engineering company and email is vital in my company. I have to get updates on all the projects that are works in progress and of course I have to check out tPF when I'm not too busy. :p
  10. I'm on the internet the whole time. Which is bad too because I have tPF on a separate browser. But I do a lot of research that requires me to be on the internet.
  11. I spend about 1/2 my day on TPF.
  12. All the time! It's the only thing that keeps me from falling asleep.
  13. This is true. My brother works in IT for a large company. However, he is of the opinion that only an IT person with no life would bother to do such a thing and he feels whatever anyone does is their business. The one time one of his coworkers pulled up to see what someone was looking at was when they walked in to work on some guy's computer and he started shutting down windows really fast and acting all nervous. So they checked it out and he had been looking at nasty porn, like with animals or something. Who would look at that at work!

    I often work at home so I can look at the net as much as I want while I'm working and do that a lot when I take a break.
  14. At my last job I was a contractor. So other than a quick peek at when I first got into work to check news, non-work related internet activity was a huge no-no. I was paid hourly and had to account for what projects I managed and for how long each day. There simply was no time for anything else and frankly it would have been extremely unethical and could have put my job in jeopardy (not to mention shameful as I was in an open cube).

    BUT...I did need to use the internet to research so that was no problem.
  15. Not at all in my current job. I loved it when I was at High School and you could spend all day on it during lessons. I need to find a job with internet access. :graucho: