How often do you use one Bbag?

  1. How often do you use your Bbag? For days? Switch em around daily? Monthly?

    How often should I switch my bags around so it doesn't wear too much? I take good care of my bags, I'll just be gone for 14 weeks, and an only carry a limited amount of bags with me on my trip. Help!
  2. I just coordinate my bags with my wardrobe so I dont specifically rotate.

    Personally, the bags get better with use/age, especially the dark coloured bags. I just try to be careful with my white cause it gets so dirty
  3. I have now taken on a strict handbag rotation (semi-inspired by SoCal) so no bag gets neglected bag. I take out a new one each Monday and match my wardrobe accordingly. If I happen not to "match", no biggie. I'm not into the whole matching thingy anyway. Have fun on your trip!
  4. I have been carrying my b-bag practically non-stop since it arrived. So I think it would certainly survive 14 weeks. Today I carried my Edith, but I don't force myself to rotate. I change depending on need or if I think something will be good with an outfit. Today I wore black, and the ink doesn't go well with black, so I switched. But I think my City will be getting a LOT of use.
  5. I try to coordinate the bag with what I'm wearing. But if I oversleep, my outfit choices get limited to what matches yesterday's bag!

    All my pocketbooks are my friends and I try to make sure none of them feel neglected. But there are a few bags that are so seasonal - like straw or fur trim - that they must hibernate in their purse bags during the off season.
  6. It all depends on my outfit. I use it mostly during the weekends, and when I can, I use it with my suits. I just love carrying it!
  7. i carry my black city for most days and then when i'm feeling like a change i either take my twiggy or speedy...
  8. Like ET, I've been carrying mine since I received it. :love: :love:
    It's been about a month now, and it's so much softer than when I first got it - it really does get better with use. I think your bag will be ok, so long as you're fairly careful.
    Have a good trip!
  9. thanks for ur help and suggestions... it's just that i don't want to neglect the bags i'll leave for 14 weeks.... i'm gonna miss my babies =(
  10. I change my bag almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. I use my Fendi for work and the rest of my bags in my free time. I never carry the same bag for more than a couple of days in a row though. I like to switch it up.
  11. I only have 2 bbags and have only had them a short time, but my pattern right now is ink twiggy during the week and caramel box on the weekends. No particular reason. I also have two LV's that stay on my mind all the time. I haven't even carried my new cabas piano yet. I plan to save it until this fall, it just seems more "fall" to me, although my speedy 25 feels "year round." I honestly really love my Dooney and Bourke Medium Tattoo Heart Banana bag, but it is way too small for day-to-day. It's so hard when you have so many bags that you love, you just can't give them all equal attention. ~sigh~
  12. I use it as much as I like cause there's no point having your bag sitting pretty at home. ^__^ I try not to be too paranoid about dirtying or damaging it, just enjoy the bag and be happy.

    That said, I only have one B-Bag and I use it for school and outings.
  13. I love to carry my Cornflower Blue Twiggy when it is sunny out...the color is just so vibrant. If it's overcast I usually wear the Louis Vuitton perforated speedy or Tulum....or the Chloe Paddington. I do rotate my bags a lot but when I travel I only wear a messenger bag.
  14. I religiously use my flat brass classique, it's such a good size and I love the longer strap balenciaga made back then- but only because it goes with most of my wardrobe (dark greens, grays, browns, blacks). The bag itself is a dirty green, sort of like origan but darker.

    I hardly ever use my sky blue hobo though. It's beautiful and I'm always afraid to get it dirty.
  15. ^ mlert, spray it with apple garde - it wont get dirty, I probably use that one the most because it is just so easy, and it still looks as good as new!
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