How often do you use Apple Condit. & Guarde?

  1. Hi. I just recieved my apple conditioner and guarde yesterday and Im planning on spraying it soon. How ofter would I need to respray and use the conditioner? thanks :biggrin:
  2. Ooh, I will be watching this thread as my Apple guard conditioner and rain and stain repellent came today.
  3. I do my bags about every 6 months if I use them a lot as we have very dry conditions here. The bags that don't get used much get restored once a year.
  4. can you spray on the monogram canvas too? or just the leather handles?
  5. I condition my bags pretty much bimonthly - and reapply applegarde around every 6 months
  6. You can spray on the canvas - you'll get some on there anyways when you do the leather parts. I usually don't spray the canvas - I condition the leather and the canvas, and then spray the leather.
  7. The canvas is already water resistant - so there's really no need :smile: