How often do you update your speedy?

  1. Hi,
    I love the speedy style and will always have one as a staple in my closet:smile: . Just curious, how often do you update your speedy, if at all? I love the honey color but when do you feel the handles get too dark and buy a new one?
  2. I cant imagine ever getting rid of the bag completely. But one day I am sure I will want to get the leather redone. I seem to remember someone on this forum doing so for $300....
  3. NEVA!:nuts:
  4. Love the patina on my has history..
  5. After seeing JoJo's speedy updated :love: if and when i'm ready i'd just do that. My mono speedy is in great shape and it was my first so i doubt i'll ever get rid of that one. But I guess everyone/thing can use an facelift and that might just be the thing for my ever loved speedy.

    Now i'm feeling guilty and going to switch bags and use her.
  6. I'd never do anything like that..I love the patina.
    The only thing I do is just buy a new one from a different line lol.
  7. I've never had a Speedy. But my mom has had 3 mono speedies (one 30 and two 25s) in approx 20 years. She likes to get a new one when the handles become brown and the canvas cracks (in her view, there's no point in getting new handles when the canvas is in rough shape). I bought her a damier speedy 25 last month that she has yet to use....
  8. The canvas cracks - :wtf: I had no idea! How old is the bag when this starts to happen?
  9. I don't think I will. In 5 years, the handles won't be very dark still. Maybe in 10 years but I'd either sell it and use the $ to fund a new one at that point or just keep it.
  10. VERY old.:smile:
  11. I doubt that I ever will.
  12. Thanks all! Love your input!
  13. I usually sell or give my old bags to my sister.... I did get rid of my old speedy that probably was 10 years old. I just wanted a NEW one. I take excellent care of my bags so they are in great condition. I do try to clean them and the leather looks good, I hate when I see someone walking around with black handles on their bags, I mean no attempt to even clean it... UGH......
  14. well, my speedy isnt that old... and i dont think i'll sell it, but i might up-date it with a different one from a different line... at the moment, i've got a mono one - later on i'd like to get a damier one!
  15. I have a speedy that's almost 30 years old and the canvas hasn't cracked!