How often do you switch the bags you carry?

I change bags once a week, unless I'm going somewhere special. I have one of those handbag liner "thingy" (it looks like a purse and it holds all your main essentials, wallet, mirror, tissue etc.) where all you have to do is remove it and place it in the handbag of your choice. It's great for people who like to change purses often, not to mention the time it saves you.
Hardly ever LOL - I am really lazy - I cant always be bothered to switch over all the stuff in my bags LOL -- I guess it depends on the time of year and the weather.
helenNZ said:
hehehe, i'm switching more now! :smile:
Exactly Helen- that's the problem. I've bought 4 this month already.:sad2:
Sounds like Star has got it down.:suspiciou

Pursemama- the liner sounds like a great idea, I'm going to have to look into it for ease of switching.:biggrin:
I suck at changing up my bags. I usually only change for occasion. On evenings I'll take out a smaller evening bag, but during the day, I always go back to a Chanel tote bag. It's my standby, the most comfortable and convenient to carry.