how often do you switch purses?

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  1. today well yesterday i decided that i will change bags every 2 days. crazy right? i know! but i have a lot more than in my collection picture but anyway, i just have them and they are not getting any use. i had one for 3 years and i just used it this weekend!

    the summer is fun for bags. i was wondering how often everyone else changed bags.
  2. I do it quite often. My outfits are ALWAYS on opposite ends of the scale so it wouldn't look right if I didn't. :p
  3. Not a great deal.... only when I need a bigger/smaller bag than the one all my stuff is currently in, then I'll swap.

    I find if I keep switching my bags then I'm likely to go out of the house and remember that I left something that I need in another bag.
  4. Mmm, good question. I typically switch every 2-4 days, but I just got a chocolate Spy that I haven't been able to put down for almost 2 weeks now!!
  5. Hi
    i have a lot of bags too that just sort of end up sitting in my closet. I think i probably switch up bags on average every 2-3 weeks, although if there are certain occasions i end up switching them up early or using a specific bag for that specific occasion.
  6. I usually change bags every two weeks!
  7. This is something I'd like to change about myself... I feel I don't update my look often enough. I have my winter day bag, my summer day bag etc etc etc I would like to have a day bag for every outfit!
  8. I usually switch every week or so, but if I am wearing something that totally doesnt match my current bag...I switch it.
  9. Constantly.
  10. Everyday, but usually from the same 8 bags that see the most wear.

    The other bags sit and wait for inspiration to hit me.
  11. every day, sometimes even twice in the same day....really depends on my mood :graucho:
  12. I usually use the same bag for work. I usually use a nicer bag during the weekend. Sometimes I'll use a nicer bag for work if I have somewhere to go after work. I used to always change it according to what I wear/mood. But I'm too tired and busy for that.
  13. I change my bag to match my outfit and sometimes I match my oufit for a certain bag..if that makes sense.
  14. LadyRacer your avatar is hilarious!
  15. it depends on my mood, really... i think i switch bags about 2-3 times per week