How often do you switch out your bags? What motivates you to switch?

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  1. Hi Chanel Lovers! I was wondering how often do you switch out your bags as it seems that I rarely (I wear them for a month) switch out my bags unless there is a special occasion or it really doesn't match what I'm wearing. Once I switch, I just keep wearing the bag unless there is a special occasion or it really doesn't match what I'm wearing.

    Do you select your bag in advance to match what you are wearing every day? Or do you switch them out due to the seasons -wear brighter colors for summer and darker for winter? Or do you have some other motivation to switch out your bags?
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  2. I tend to use the same everyday bag but switch up my going out bag depending on how I feel and what goes with what :smile:
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    I switch my bag about every 2 to 3 days, depending on where I am going, what I am wearing, and how I will use it. Do I need a big bag or a little bag, a white bag, a black bag, or can I use a colorful bag? Do I need a tote style or crossbody?

    Some times I plan out what bag I will use the night before. Some times I switch at the last minute. Sometimes I decide to just use the bag I was previously using, even though it doesn’t really work. Something I have been doing for both work and errands lately is I carry a small bag with me filled with only the essentials and my wallet. If running errands, I leave a tote filled with extras in the car. At work I put the small bag in my locked space and leave the large tote out in the employee area.

    I need so much during the day that I couldn’t possible carry a bag that big around with me or fit it in my secured space at work.
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  4. Yes, I agree with you plue89 as it is the way I usually do it.

    I like your idea gettinpurseonal of carrying a smaller bag in a bigger bag. It is hard to plan in advance for as things seem to happen at last minute.

    I used to keep bags locked in a drawer at work in case I went out after work so I did not have to carry my work bag to a restaurant.
  5. I will wear the same bag for work for almost 6 months straight and then switch to my other go to bag. But for day to day (shopping, dinner, errands etc) I am ALWAYS switching out bags. Mostly to coordinate outfits but also for functionality i.e. crossbody when im running a lot of errands and need to be hands free
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  6. I find that my Louis Vuitton Eva is perfect for using inside a larger bag. So is my most recent Chanel, the So Chic (photos attached in front of other bags for size reference). I actually usually don’t carry my Eva inside my black chevron Reissue 226, but I included it for demonstration. If I were traveling, I would probably put the Eva inside a 227 so that I would have a small bag to use when I arrived, yet not have to pack it in my luggage. Also, if I acquire extra things along the way, I can carry the Eva crossbody and put the new items in my bigger bag 989ED737-A389-499A-8859-5293B79420D9.jpeg
    21A777E5-06C0-4157-9CDB-C019DD3DA5C1.jpeg 00982122-3A2C-4D96-8A88-E55D763CECDC.jpeg

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  7. Yes, peppiness76- I agree that functionality is a prime reason for changing out bags!
  8. I also use my LV Neverfull to haul my Chanels like you mentioned gettinpursesonal!
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  9. I really just wish I could carry them ALL everywhere with me!!! :yahoo:
  10. In the past I carried the same bag for months or even years but now that I have my purse wall and all of my bags are displayed I change them often... sometimes daily but often weekly just to get them all out. I sometimes choose my outfits based on what bag I want to carry
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  11. I change them out several times a week based on size and daily plans.

    Changing bags used to be cumbersome to me because I always was such a cluttered person. It would take me forever to empty it and find what I needed, and I would always forget something. Now, I have a cardholder, LV key holder, and LV mini pochette that hold my daily essentials. I’ll swap the cardholder and mini pochette from bag to bag - it makes it super simple to swap quickly. If I’m taking a WOC for quick errands, I’ll just take my cardholder and key holder (I can live with lotion/a Tide pen/hand sanitizer/etc. on a quick trip), and if I’m going on a longer trek my Neverfull is already packed up with extras so I still just need to throw in my cardholder and mini pochette and then grab my key holder and go.
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  12. Usually every couple of weeks or so. Could change dependent on weather and any going out plans.
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  13. I change them daily for mood, needs and what I’m wearing. I’m pretty organized with my key holder, pochette, sun glasses, and wallet or card holder. So I empty my bag on my dressing table at the end of the day and pick a bag when I dress. I enjoy picking a bag to fit my day and it encourages me to use what I have to their fullest. I think if I stuck to the same bag for too long it would start to wear faster or get cluttered.
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  14. Weekly, biweekly at most, just so they all get used equally. They just have to match my clothes and the weather or too bad... I pick the bag of the week before any clothes and don't switch it out until 7 days later. The only exception is for an event I might be going to that requires a different type of bag, then I'll make a switch.
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  15. Ummm, I have been using the same Birkin for 18 months now :-s The only time I haven't used it for evenings out (patent WOC for that) or if I need to go hands-free. Other than that, it has been my constant companion.
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