How often do you switch bags?

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  1. I love bags soooooooooooooo much. The most I have changed my bags is three times in one day. I rarely carry the same bag more than a week at a time. I "shop" in my own closet a lot of timeS because I forget what I have. Some of my bags I put away, and then I have to wonder why I stopped carrying them. Usually it was 1. too small, 2. hard to get in and out of, 3. too heavy with all my stuff (I carry tons), 4. hate size/color. I am really picky. I am still looking for the PERFECT BAG!!!!!
  2. I change out about every three to four days. Usually on the weekends ( or when I am not working) I switch to a larger bag only because they don't fit into my locker at work. I just switched from my LV Denim Baggy PM to my Coach Holiday Patchwork Shoulder Tote. That will hold me till Wednesday when I have to go back to work. LOL.
  3. depends on my mood. i've been carrying my balenciaga rouge vif for a week now because of the holidays. but after xmas i'll probably switch....
  4. Depends on my mood too. Sometimes I can go two weeks with my Speedy 35 and other times I change it every day or so. Maybe even twice a day if I'm going out that night.
  5. I switch according to what I wear. My collection is (IMO) small so I don't have much to choose from but I'm working on it!!:graucho:
  6. I change my bag everyday. Depends with what I'm wearing.
  7. i change when i get bored...
  8. Mood, weather, where I have to be/go. Weather is a big one because I have so many bags that shouldn't get wet, and it seems like it's always raining here when I'm carrying one.
  9. every 4-5 days usually
  10. Usually every day but sometimes 3 x's a week. I am absolutely in love with my black Coach shoulder tote (black-on-black scarf print) and it's going to Christmas dinner tonight. It's perfect to throw in small gifts, holds a ton!
  11. I used to change everyday, depending on what I was wearing. But now that I have my Legacy shoulder bag and my sig gallery tote (brass/brown), I've only been using those two. I use the gallery tote about 4 days a week for school and the shoulder bag for everything else. I love those two so much and they're so perfect that I have no urge to use any other bags!
  12. I change my bag/wristlet almost everyday to match what i am wearing.
  13. it depends on: Mood, Weather, Activity/Agenda and method of travel*(motorcycle, bicycle, car or jeep?).
  14. I actually hardly ever, probably cuz I carry around SO much junk with me lol.. so its hard to transition from one bag to another.. Now that you mention it, im going to start doing it more often from now on!