How often do you switch bags?

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  1. Although I absolutely LOVE my new Madeline in Geranium - I have become very good about matching my bags to my outfits. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to carry my Madeline every single day! But today, for example, I'm wearing brown, so I switched everything over to my Mahogany Patent Leather Gallery Tote. And yesterday when I wore black, I carried my Black leather Hamptons Carryall...

    I was wondering what you guys do - do you carry your new love until your next new love? Or do you change bags daily depending on your outfit? It's so hard knowing my beautiful Madeline is sitting at home all alone... *haha*
  2. I admit I pretty much change bags (and matching wallets/accessories) about every other day, or sometimes even daily! It has nothing to do with whether I love the bag or not, but just that I have so many and like to rotate them. I also like to match my outfits with the "perfect" bag!!
  3. I have a Bleeker Large Flap in Khaki/Black that is my "main" bag and goes with most everything. I also have a Bleeker Small Flap in Khaki/White (just picked it up on clearance from Macy's!) that I plan to use with spring and summer outfits where my khaki/black bag just won't work. and when I have a lot of stuff to carry, I use my new Bleeker Large Canvas tote!
  4. Too often! It gets exhausting!
  5. Not often enough. I guess I carry too much junk in my bag, because I only switch every couple of months. I've been carrying my Bleecker Duffle since I bought it right after Xmas. :sad: I wish I was capable of changing more.
  6. Probably not often enough! Maybe once a season!
  7. I only have 3 bags. So not to often. I think my Chelsea tote in Plum will be my spring summer bag. I also have a black Chelsea hobo and a brown signature hampton.

    I don't have enough bags to change often
  8. I have been carrying just my large carly in khaki/chocolate pretty much ever since I got it, which has been less than a month ago... Love it though! :love:
  9. I switch with outfits....gotta be color coordinated!! lol I have got to get one of those purse liner things!
  10. I change my purse almost everyday! I love using them all and if figure if I keep rotating it will kepp them looking newer longer.
  11. ALOT. at least 3 times a week it seems. I have about 5 bags hanging on my coat rack right near the door so its easy to do and i keep alot of the little things (lotion, change, keys, advil etc ) in a black leather wristlet (its a bigger than the normal skinny ones) so i can just grab it and switch quickly.
  12. I have only had 2 bags, so I don't switch too often.. but I am not into having my whole outfit and bag being all one color either.. I like a pop of color against black or other colors and my main bag is my khaki/black Carly which matches everything IMO. :tup:
  13. when i feel like it or when necessity or situation dictates. my carly and my swingpack are my current faves (both black) so if i wear brown, speedy comes out to play
  14. I rotate my bags A LOT! I don't do it to match w/ outfits...I'm not to matchy matchy, and most of my stuff could go w/ anything, but I do it so I can get use out of all of my bags, and so my babies don't show For example I LOOOVE my Madeline in Khaki/Mahogany...I could carry it for weeks at a time, but I'm always afraid it will get worn looking, so I switch. Right now I'm using my Khaki/black Large Carly...I haven't used her for awhile...but I gotta admit, all the while, I'm thinking of Madeline...:love:
  15. I used to change bags every night - before bed as I was planning what to wear the next day (I can't make decision in the morning.) That was when I had 22 bags - it got to be too much. I sold most of the bags and started changing about every week. (switching based on mood as much as anything.)

    Then Coach came out with the Bleecker duffles. I got 2 - the large and the medium - in ink. The rest of my bags have gone and I'm loving the simplicity of choosing one of 2 bags for the purpose. I usually carry the large one on weekdays when I carry everything and use the smaller one on weekends when I just need a purse or want to use it crossbody as a "pouch."

    Then there is the ink skinny - that's my favorite piece....grab and go!

    At some point I may get bored with this but for now I'm using what I have and I don't have more than I need.

    I do have ahem "several" skinnys - I get my variety switching them.