How often do you switch bags?

  1. I'm just curious. I know I'm an anomaly - I only switch bags seasonally (well I only have 3-4 bags that I actually carry, and I'm MJ-less at the moment, but that will change next week), like a large brown washed leather hobo in summer, a darker bag in winter, etc.

    But how often do you guys switch bags? Daily? Weekly? Or outfit-to-outfit?

    Someday I'll have a nice collection of bags. Until then...I'll have to live vicariously through you guys.
  2. Most of the time, I change daily. Or at least depending on the outfit. :yes:
  3. usually weekly to bimonthly. i switch back and forth between my black tere and usually a brown hobo.
  4. I change with whatever clothing I am wearing. Or my mood.
  5. I try to switch bags everyday to match my outfit, mood, or the weather (most of my bags aren't treated).
  6. For work, I usually change weekly, then I change again on the weekend.
  7. i usually change bags once a month. makes me realize how much i love each of my bags each time i pull em' out of their dustbags! ;)
  8. It really depends. Sometimes I'll match my bag to my outfit but sometimes if I really feel like using one bag in particular, I'll match my outfit to my bag. =P But if it rains or snows I won't use any MJ's... I'll use this one no name pvc bag or my LV mono speedy. :whistle:
  9. It really depends for me too. I usually change my bag to match my outfits on the weekends, but always wake up too late to change it on the weekdays before work. :smile:
  10. You're not the only one. :p If it's raining, I use my LV Damier Ebene Speedy. It's the perfect all-weather bag.
  11. When it rains I use an old leather/suede hobo from Banana Republic - it's served me WELL!

    I wish I had more bags to switch around more often. I'm getting the Faridah in black this coming week (:happydance:), but I just sold my first MJ (the large black MP), so I will still be at a total of ONE MJ bag.

    I'd like to get something colorful. I think my next bag will be something colorful...I wear mostly neutrals, so maybe a bright color would be good. Or maybe I should ease myself into it. :p

    I will say, however, that I change bags if I'm going out at night. I can't handle a big purse if I'm out at a bar or club (which is almost never my GAWD I'm boring :roflmfao:).
  12. depends on how im feeling, where i'm going and how much crap i need to carry
  13. Generally every day
  14. I usually match my bag to my outfit... unless I'm going to school, and then I'll rotate between 2-3 bags (1 MJ, my backpack, one Dooney) depending on how long I'm going to be there/whether I have to get all gross in anatomy lab.
    So sad, I just realized I haven't been able to use my handbags much because I'm in school all the time now!!!
  15. Twenty years ago I bought a new (cheap) bag every 3-4 months and threw it out. How times change. Now I have maybe 45 bags stacked everywhere in their dustbags and I am determined to change out once every two weeks. If I did it more often I would never know where anything was -- I carry way too much stuff.

    I am fortunate that I drive garage to garage so outdoor exposure is minimal. My bags get to sit on the leather passenger seat and then have their own clean file drawer at work. The worst thing that happens to them is probably a trip to the grocery store.

    I too get distracted pulling open dutbags and just admiring things. I do not work on matching to my outfit -- I just carry what I want to carry. Out of all those bags I only own two black bags anyway.