How Often Do You Switch Bags?

  1. Hi all. I was wondering how often do you switch or rotate your

    bags? Is it due to a wardrobe change or because you are trying to conserve the bag? :okay:
  2. Well, I only have one Balenciaga bag, and I'm planning on carrying it until I get another new bag or it just looks too horrible to pass with what I'm wearing. I generally don't switch bags too often, as once I get a new one I don't want to let it out of my sight. I change for conservation purposes when using my Fendi Spy bags, but I don't do this with any of my other bags.
  3. I rotate my bags about every 2 weeks so as not to wear any one bag out. I shell out so much $$ that I want to keep them looking and feeling like a brand new bag and also if/when I ever decide to sell to fund another, it'll bring in a good deal more than if it looked like it's seen better days.
  4. I rotate during the week from the weekend. I try not to wear my Balenciagas to work when I'm more careless with my bags. This preserves the life of my Balenciagas and then I don't feel like I'm wasting the wear just to go to work, when I'm generally not dressed as cute or caring as much about my outfit/accessories.
  5. I have one "throwaround" Bbag, my Lilac Work which I bring to the office almost every day. I really work this bag! Other than that, I change bags nightly, rotating between a few Bbags, LVs and MJs. I use at least 5 bags a week. :yes:
  6. I have work bags and evening bags and weekend bags, so it depends on what I'm doing ... I usually rotate just three or four bags at a time, though.
  7. Since I carry very little I switch day to day according to what I am wearing (which sometimes means I won't carry a bag at all), though I often simply opt for the universal, match all black bag.
  8. I tend to rotate my Bbags more frequently than my other bags, say once or twice a week. This serves two purposes: 1) preserves my bags, and 2) allows me use all of them on a regular basis. The latter helps me to justify the fact that I spent so much $$ on them :rolleyes:. This way, I am actually using them as opposed to just taking up space in my closet.
  9. Almost everyday.

    I rotate between my 4 Works during the week, and then I use my smaller bags(First, Twiggy, and City)on weekends. Sometimes when I have less to carry to work, I use my Cities so that my Cities will get as much love as my Works.
    A different bag everyday makes me feel fresh in the morning LOL

    When I get home from work, I take everything out of my bag and put them into a Balenciaga dust bag. It makes it easier to transfer things in the next morning.
  10. I wear the same ONE bag for MONTHS. That begs the question why I'm always driven to get more bags!!!???
  11. Not often enough! I get lazy and if the bag really doesn't match at all, I'll switch.
  12. It depends on my mood. I usually match them to what I am wearing but sometimes I carry the same one for a month or more. I've been giving my white City quite a work out because it goes with anything. Since I live in FL there is no fall or winter so white is great all year in the Keys. Also I've been carrying my Oatmeal Day a lot.
  13. I used to switch all the time; now I'm lazy and will generally carry the same bag for weeks.
  14. hMm... depending on my mood.. I could switch one hour & then decide to go with another the next.. (I know.. I have very undecisive days sometimes :push: ) But, for the past couple of months.. the trend is that I've been rotating bags every 1 to 1.5 weeks. :yes:
  15. Me, too! :tup: