How Often Do You See ppl Carrying The Real Thing? Which Styles Have U Seen?

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  1. i have come across many in toronto,
    so far it's only been a Gst W/ Gold Hardware, Blk Flap W/ Ghw And A Vinyl Coco Cabas - Which I'm Assuming Is Real Since She Carried Into The Chanel Boutique And a Rock And Chain Flap Bag.
    I'd Love To See Someone Carrying The Rock And Chain Hobo, The Jumbo Flap And The Cotton Club. But No Sighting Yet.
  2. I've seen a beige jumbo flap in Neiman Marcus at Lenox Mall, and a beige on beige cambon reporter at Saks. I've seen a few others, but these 2 are the ones that stuck out the most!
  3. I still see a lot of Cambons around, both real and fake. Second most common Chanel I've observed is the black GST. I don't see flaps much and have never seen a E/W
  4. I see mostly the black GST and the shopper tote also in black. Sighted one reissue once at Saks.
  5. I've also seen a lot of cambons around. A few of them are real......I've observed that a great deal of them were fake though, but some were real.
  6. denim coco cabas!
  7. where i am at currently, i've only seen a fake cambon reporter once. but i once saw a really young girl - she couldn't have been any older than 18 - with a silver reissue (her mom was carrying an ostrich birkin). she looked fantastic carrying it.
  8. i see lots of real ones (mostly in lambskin or caviar classics), and loads of fake cambons!
  9. I see loads of cambons, GST in black, Cabas in vinyl, red and black flaps in the smaller size, a beautiful white jumbo caviar flap with silver hardware. The black expandable flap and the black classic tote with beige stitching and without. I guess London ladies love Chanel. plus we get a lot of rich middle eastern tourists.
  10. Sadly, there are sooooo many fakes around here. I think most people assume a bag is fake around here before they would think it is real.
  11. I see a lot of fake Cambons around here.
    The other day I saw a woman with a real Expandable tote in white. It was DEVINE.
    I actually asked her if I could touch it LOL.
    Thankfully, she didn't think I was a nut and even let me try it on for size.
  12. I get to see them ALL here in Boca. A lot of vinyl cabas, MC totes, GST's, Cerf's, Cambons, cotton club, a lot of denim cabas, expandables, and luxe bowlers. It's funny, I've never seen ANY flaps!!
  13. cambons, real and fake, GST's, and medallion totes. I have never seen any flaps either. That's kind of good cause I have so many flaps! Nice to know they're not that common.
  14. I see them all here in Orange County. Unfortunately, I've also seen ladies wearing fake cambons to SCP as well. One lady actually wore her fake cambon INTO the boutique! :wtf: :yucky:
  15. I've seen ONE, the metallic black bowler outside the CHANEL boutique.