How often do you see people with "your" bag?

  1. I have an older version of the Coach Soho Leather Small Flap (yes, I just looked up the name:smile: ) and lately I'm seeing it every where. I didn't notice it when I got the bag a couple years ago, but really in the last six months, I see it at least a couple times a week.

    Do you frequently bump into your bag on another person?
  2. It doesn't happen to me often, but that is because I am used to carrying obscure that I am moving on to bags that are more mainstream (Kooba, etc.), I am sure I may see "my" bags more often. Although for whatever reason I don't see a lot of Koobas around here. Seems almost as if Washingtonians are kind of boring with their bags (NO OFFENSE, I love you Washington!) all I ever see are Coachs and a few LV mixed in....:shrugs:
  3. Around here, it's DB, Coach, Aigner and LV (or fake LV, I can't tell the difference since I'm not an LV fan). I don't carry any of those bags and the majority of women in my town wouldn't know my Chanel from my Gucci from my Prada from an Hermes. So, no, I've never run into anyone with my bag. If I go to Charlotte I see a lot of designer bags and I know who they are, but Charlotte's gotten a lot more urban/metro over the years and the women know designers there.
  4. Not really... I once saw a fake Denim Speedy when I had mine w/ me, but that's it. I rarely ever see LV's here... I often see GG&L bags, which I love and use for university, but I never saw the exact same bag...
  5. There are a lot of Coach, D&B, LV, and the occasional Gucci around here. Once in a while I will catch another person with a Chloe, but usually only when I'm shopping in Saks.
  6. I Have An Lv Alma That I Carry Most Of The Time, So No, I Don't See Many Of Those Around. Around Here, It's Mostly Coach, D&b, Vera Bradely & Some Lv (although Maybe Fakes), Fake Gucci & Chanel :sad:
  7. I actually never so anybody else with the exact same bag. I have Chanels, Balenciagas, BV and 1 LV. I sometimes see a couple of Paddies which I used to have but never in the colour I had. Here it's a lot LV mono and Gucci but that's it.
  8. Amazingly, almost never & I do carry a lot of Coach. But I do strive to pick out unusual pieces that most often have to be special ordered here in the NW. Purses are becoming bigger here now - more LV and some Chanel Camdons and the occasional Chloe. But again, I tend to like something different about my bags. I know if I ended up in NW or SF, the story would probably be different, but...
  9. Although I live in a very urban area in Atlanta, where there is a lot of wealth, I don't often see bags that I have. Usually I carry Kooba, Botkier, Bulga, or Carlos Falchi. If anything I see a lot of LV, D&B, and Coach around here. Especially the younger college and late 20's ages.:yes:
  10. Not that Anne mentioned, DC ladies are pretty traditional/conservative with their bag choices. Although, I saw a 70 year old woman with a Botkier Bianca at Trader Joe's yesterday. I asked her about it since I have the same one in a different color and she was up to date on all the "trendy" lines! Other than that, I see the occasional Trigger, lots of monogram LV (vernis too, come to think of it) and MJ.
  11. Except for my mono Speedy 30, I don't think I've seen anyone else with the bags I have. I've seen other colors of the styles I have, but not my exact color and style.
  12. Almost never, which I think is weird since I carry a lot of designer bags. However, I do carry things that are WAY out of season (last year's Kooba Carla, Chloe Silverado which hasn't been trendy for probably a year and a half at LEAST, LV Cerises, which people quit carrying pretty quickly back in '05, LV Multicouleur (sp?) which died not long after Jessica Simpson made it a smash....) so that might explain it. Around here I see a lot of quilted Chanel, MJ Stam and various LV mono bags.
  13. Except for mono speedy and damier papillon, the other bags are pretty uncommon.
  14. The Mono LV speedy 25...a lot of times. esp by work
  15. I usually carry Cynthia Rowley or Cole Haan amd I don't see any of those, but when I am out and about, especially in the local mall, I can tell you that I see LV's coming and going on the 20 year-olds more and more. It's probably due to the fact that we have a fake store that just opened up here because the closest possible store to purchase one around here is in Naples or Miami. I'm assuming that fake store is doing a flourishing business.