How often do you see MJ bags? =)

  1. I spotted lots of MJ bags last week including Capra Satchel (Fall 06 style), New Tote, Sophia, Venetia, Stam Hobo, Stam, etc.
  2. Wow, where have you been? Maybe I'm not paying attention... I only saw a black Stam and a Petrol MP at the Barney's WH sale last week. I need to get out more. :P
  3. Occasionally. Mainly blakes. I have never seen a stam in my area.

    Edit: Well except for my own.:yes:
  4. Hahaha....I see MJ bags pretty much every day now, probably have to with me paying more attention to them. =) I saw them while running errands; this lady had her Capra Satchel in her lap while eating yogurt at Golden Spoon, another lady carried her New Tote (another version of Stella) while doing grocery shopping, some brought theirs to jury service too. LOL. The funny thing was I spotted Sophia, Venetia, Stam (all the time) at Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza, and Irvine Spectrum; their owners must have gotten used to the weigh (especially Stam) -- can carry them for a long time with other shopping bags in their hands too. Who said these bags are heavy? LOL...
  5. Sadly, I never see any. I know they're out there but I haven't run across them yet. I live in the world of Coaches, Dooneys and fake LV's.:sad: I'm the only one representing out there!:P
  6. I definitely need to start paying attention.. How did the Capra look IRL? BTW, did you notice the one on ebay??? Looks real! :wtf:

    I will have to take the new MP out for a walk on the Promenade and take a look around right now. I'll check back later with an update. :lol:
  7. I think I've seen maybe three in the last 4 years ... a blake, an older tote, an older satchel and a black large satchel. I usually see Coach, Dooneys, LVs, and tons and tons of fake LVs. So sad ...
  8. I admit on other people I only notice mulitpockets. ;)

    But I always see them on display at my local Nordies. :greengrin:
  9. Never! I don't think I've ever seen on IRL :sad: :wtf:
  10. I also live in a world of (mostly fake) LV & Guccis :lol:
  11. Rarely - I saw a lady with a quilted Venetia at the market one day and my jaw dropped. The woman saw my expression and all I could say was "nice bag". She, of course, smiled knowingly.
  12. I would love to say everyday but most of the time I saw the "inspired" ones! So many people in here are carrying stam but they're not real MJ Stam. Aldo makes "inspired" stam handbags and of course god knows where the rest of these people get their so-called "inspired" handbags.

    I usually see at least once a day cause I have two regular customers who have MJ bags.
  13. Only when I'm wearing one. :lol:

    No kidding... I think the only "designer" bags one can purchase in a brick-and-mortar store here are Coach and Dooney. All of my bag purchases for quite some time have been through mail-order. :shrugs:
  14. Hi, all -

    I am new to this forum. I live the in SF Bay Area and rarely see MJ bags. However, I have to say that my bf got me the Stam bag just yesterday for our anniversary. YAY!

    I am extremely excited, but slightly nervous now that I have been reading all of these posts about how heavy the Stam is. He'd originally purchased the E/W Stam, but I like the chunkier bag ...

    Anyhow, I may be one of the few toting MJ bags in my neck of the woods ... Love it!
  15. ^^Congrats on getting a beautiful Stam for an anniversary present! That's sooo nice! Welcome to the forum!:flowers: :yes: