How often do you see LV's?

  1. I live in a pretty boring suburb so I don't tend to see many LV's around here. Only a couple if I'm lucky, and even then, some are fakes:hrmm: . However, I do see a ton of Coach bags. So how often do you guys run into LV's?
  2. Everyday in my closet. LOL. Seriously, though pretty much everyday.
  3. Rarely if ever. How about close to never. Unless I'm traveling and then I see a few. I live in a very rural get the picture. One reason I love airports...
  4. everyday when I am out and about.
    Also, I am in and out of the international terminals and I see quite an assortment with international crowd.

    It keeps me well amused!
  5. I saw quite a few when I was at South Coast Plaza but not very many when I was at Fashion Valley yesterday. I remember seeing a white Le Tal, Monogram Babylone and a Damier Mariais but that was it. At South Coast I saw so many more, but they were mostly monogram. Amazingly, I didn't see one today.
  6. i have to say even in nyc i don't see them all that often. i mean, usually like a few a day. which considering it's nyc is not much. usually speedys.

    i did have a myrtille speedy this weekend which was very exciting. i usually see mono, maybe damier, rarely epi or anything else...
  7. i saw LV almost everyday here in Melbourne, Aussie.
  8. I see speedies all the time. Yesterday I saw somewhere around 10. No joke. :p I wasn't close enough to tell if they were real or not so I normally give the benefit of the doubt.
  9. everywhere i go! and i couldn't love it more!! i love spotting the real bad fakes. can't help it, it's a hobby. today it was a speedy, with vinyl and feet. not the worst i've ever seen, but it was up there!
  10. I see them all over here in the bay area, more so in stanford shopping center and San Francisco:nuts:
  11. about 3 or 4 a week, usually real to the best of my knowledge (as limited as it is!)
  12. It depends on where I go, at one mall I see LV's quite often at others maybe once in awhile.
  13. If I'm out and about, nearly daily.
  14. i would say at least once a day I see an LV, mostly the speedy.
  15. I have seen lots of fake speedy esp in the mall.