How often do you see authentic B-bags while out and about?

  1. I know we have a thread about reporting B-bag sightings, but I was curious to know how often you see another person carrying one! (authentic) Perhaps you should also mention where you live and that will help to provide perspective.

    I live in San Francisco and I see authentic B-bags on other women about once every 3 months. Surprisingly infrequently! Even when I'm strolling Union Square or some other high-end neighborhood, I mostly see just LVs, Fendi's, and Chloe's. Almost never Balenciagas! Strange.
  2. I live in hawaii and I've only seen 3 IRL in 4 years, two in the last 6 months (dolma city last week, a white twiggy a month or so ago), one about a year ago (a chocolate city). LOTS of LV here, tons of white multicolor.
  3. I own about 6 Balenciagas and live in San Francisco. Because of my 4 yr old, I usually hang out in the malls like Stanford, Valleyfair/Santana Row or Hillsdale because it's very slow paced and I feel much more safer there, than Downtown SF. I see more B-bags and designer handbags in the highend malls than Downtown SF.
  4. I live in Orange County, CA and I rarely see B-bags. We were at a concert about a month ago and I saw two in one night. Oftentimes I will see fake bags, or Balenciaga 'inspired' bags.
  5. Phoenix Az,and have not seen even one! :sad:
  6. Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I have seen two real ones and a fakarooni in 6 months!

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  7. welp, living in the big apple, i see them every week :yes:...which is what makes my reconnaissance missions so much fun :P
  8. I live in Los Angeles and I see them pretty often. Less in my part of town (Silver Lake) than when I go to Beverly Hills or a shopping area like the Grove, where you are pretty much guaranteed to see a few bbags any time you go.
  9. In my area of Canada, I've only seen one real one at my dermatologist's office last year, and about 2 fakes so far! A colleague at work told me she had one, but haven't seen it yet! They're not super common here!
  10. Here in Houston, I've seen one Balenciaga out. I was a couple of tables behind this lady with a rose pink city... Wanted to go drool but I was with my guy coworkers and they think I'm way bag crazy already! :shrugs:
  11. here in my little mountain town, nevah! BUT I recently saw a really yucky FAKE white city in the next town over. bleh!:yucky: :throwup:
  12. ^^^oh!!! hot diggity...that was my 1,000th post!!! :cutesy:
  13. never....don't even see fakes here.....
  14. I live in SF and work in the financial district. I never see bbags. I have seen two in the last year. One was at Marc Jacobs and one at Neimans. Go figure.
  15. I live in Munich and I just saw 3 Bbags in the entire time I live here (4 1/2 years) and some horrible fakes. I just love it that not everybody is running around with the same bag I have. Here you see a lot LV and Hermes.