How often do you see another Genuine Chanel girl in your city?

  1. I come from London and I have only ever seen one other girl with a Chanel but it was fake.
  2. ^ i've seen some asian girls with genuine Chanels in Selfridges London last winter! they looked very chic and sweet! ;)

    in my city, most girls with Chanel bags i see are in black medium caviar flaps. some are in lamb with gold hardware while the rest are in caviar and silver hardware. i do see fake cabas everywhere, look-a-likes or intentional fakes.
  3. Rarely ever do I see people here in Hawaii with Chanels. I remember only two occasions when I saw a girl in her early twenties with a Chanel luxe bowler. The only other women I've seen with Chanel (on rare occasions) are older women that I see at my job.

    Honestly, the girls my age here are more into Gucci, Coach, and LV since Chanel is just outrageously expensive.
  4. I am from london and live in a very nice area but rarely see anone with Chanels- that are real! I go Selfridges every month and see asian girls and older ladies carrying real Chanels- sometimes I wonder if I never see anyone with Chanels how comes some styles sell out soo quick?
  5. I have never seen a REAL Chanel where I live..I wish I would....It's like a 'silent army' when you see a woman w/ a REAL designer handbag...a nod of the head and a knowing that the bags are real....sweet
  6. Right around where I actually live, almost NEVER ... they sell fakes in our local mall so a lot of young girls have a fake Cambon tote of some kind ...

    although yesterday while shopping I DID see a woman with an Authentic Patent bag that I cannot remember the name of LOL!

    Now, when I go into the City of Chicago I see Authentic everything
  7. I live in NYC where there are alot of Chanel ladies. It is a joy to behold especially if I see someone with a rare bag. I will then do a discreet doubletake!!!
  8. I have seen some yes, but only when I come into central london! There are some horrific fakes that I see when I go to my local high street for shopping, like they have come straight from the 2.99 market stall ;)
  9. There are alot of real chanel's lining the streets of NYC. Where I live its a status show so you see alot of bags. But very rarely do you see any exclusive hard to get ones. You see alot of cambon bags or GST. I am in the boroughs so I don't see my cabas, or bubble quilt coming or going. Mostly cambon totes.But alot of sunglasses. There are alot of other real bags as well, but like I said the more common ones.
  10. Nada where I live; I did see a fake Cambon. However, when I travel to Tysons Corner, VA it seems like Chanels are a dime a dozen; it seems very strange considering when I lived and worked in D.C. in the 80's to mid 90s it was rare to see anyone carrying Chanel.
  11. I live in New York and work in the Wallstreet area where there are a lot of well-paid well-dressed women. I see Black Medium Lambskin Flaps quite frequently. I also see lots and lots and lots of Berkins, too!
  12. very seldom, maybe once in a month.
  13. I'm from brisbane and I was about to say I've actually never seen a girl with a chanel bag at all ever. But i just remembered I saw an asian girl with the small classic flap in pink caviar at the recent election for pm haha.

    We're so far behind when it comes to designer stuff here compared with Sydney and Melbourne. I've seen many stores lately are selling bags which resemble the coco cabas.
  14. I'm in NYC. It really dependso n the area you go to. Uptown I see lots of Chanel ladies. I also saw 5 Hermes Kelly's and Birkins in one day by Bloomie's. Most of the ladies I see carry the med/large classic flap or GST.
  15. I live in Toronto, and I see many asian girls around my age carry them here, mostly flaps though..