How often do you rotate your bags?

  1. I find that if I wear on bag for a month - I won't wear it again for months or even a year it better to rotate everyday (and not stuff things in tiny pockets to make a quick switch) ? How do you rotate?
  2. I used to use a bag for a week and then switch to another bag. But since getting my LV speedy about 5 weeks ago I haven't switched. I love it too much to use anything else - besides it goes with everything.
  3. i only switch when the situation calls for something else. and always know the essentials of your bag, so you don;t forget the important stuff. (i use the number '4' so i don't forget anything , 1-keys 2-cell 3-agenda 4-lipgloss ) i know that might sound childish, but haven't you ever walked out without your wallet, or keys or even just chapstick and kicked yourself later?

    and the easiest way to lose things going from bag to bag is not emptying out the bag fully when you DO switch.
  4. bagladie, congrats on your speedy! what a cutie, huh?
  5. I never do the same thing twice. I just switch when I'm ready. Sometimes based on an outfit I'm wearing. Sometimes just for a change. Sometimes I'm just plain lazy and will use the same bag for 3 weeks in a row. I've been using my Putty Stam for the past 3 days, but it's going into it's bag tomorrow. I really love her and she's one of the few bags, I really baby.
  6. well, I used my dior messenger for several months.. now, i am using my versace biker bag....... and on other occasions, used other bags in between.. really depends on the weather and where I am going to..
  7. I always keep the same things in the same little pocket on the inside (lipgloss, powder, etc.) and then wallet, cell phone, keys for the big part. And it takes about 5 seconds to switch that stuff and all the other junk that accumulates probably isn't important enough to tag along with your "new" purse anyway!
  8. I've noticed that in the last 6 months I change my bags practically everyday depending on what I'm wearing. I often also build my outfit around what bag I feel like using that day. So how often do you switch bags?
  9. Hehe...just about daily unless I'm really stuck on a bag. I also rotate bag charms quite often :smile:
  10. Um. I think I've been rotating them more since I've been coming to tPF. Before I would use the same bag for several months before switching. Lately I've been changing at least every week, sometimes several times a week. Last week I did Luco, Mono Rivets, Tulum, and Cerises Bucket.
  11. I have 2 bags to rotate for school depending on how much stuff I need to carry then I'll decide which sized bag to use. Outside of school, I rotate my bags based on the weather (if bad-->Prada), season (spring/summer-->MC and Vernis; fall/winter-->Onatah Cuir and Monogram), and occasion.
  12. every weekend..i've stopped bringing my speedy to school ;)
  13. Everyday.
  14. Not much... my poor lonely LV's......I"ll try though!
  15. it depends on what i am using it for. work? errands? gym? going to dinner? getting drunk? just being plain luxurious? they all have their places and times. and they all have to wait their turns.