How often do you rotate your bags?

  1. I mean - we have to show ALL our bags some lovin' right?

    Of course we get something new (or 3 like kallison) and want to wear it out...but remember, we paid so much for our OTHER how do you spread the love around?

    How often do you switch bags? (and for those of you that say daily - I admire you.)

    I mean - switching from one bag to another is like a changing of the guard at Alrington Cemetary for me...the "Purse Changing Ceremony" lasts at least 20 minutes...doing that daily would kill me. hehehe
  2. Usually on a montly basis. When I am carrying a bag that meets all my needs (comfort, roominess, easy access) it is harder to switch.
  3. Typically, whenever I get a new one :biggrin: Or when I'm tired of the one I'm using (ex. -- too big, my shoulders hurt, switch to a smaller one). I try to do it once a week though.
  4. I used to rotate and change bags every couple weeks. However, since the Legacy collection was introduced I have used nothing but my three Legacy bags! I tried to use a couple of my other bags but it just didn't work for me and I switched back to my Legacy bags after one day. It's really a shame because I have some cute bags in my collection.
  5. hmm i switch out every week
  6. Daily. But I have a small brown hobo and a small black hobo that I use daily for work, depending on what outfit I'm wearing. Then I have various other bags that I wear when I go out at night, and I'll switch to those, depending on what I'm wearing, too. When my new red one gets in, I'm sure I'll use it all the time, lol.
  7. I try to do it Weekly.
    However if I have a new bag I usually wear it for 2 or 3 weeks.
  8. Like Bethy, I switch my bags depending on the outfit I'm wearing. If I'm wearing something black, I use one of my black bags, or if I'm wearing brown, I use one of my brown bags. I like to be color coordinated.
  9. Usually depending on what I'm wearing, where I'm going, & of course the weather.
  10. depends what i'm wearing. if i'm wearing black, it's usually my red hobo. if it's pink, it's my khaki carryall...same with these new ones...colors gotta go together...
  11. It depends on what I'm wearing, unless it's a black or brown bag then I'll carry it for a few days before switching.
  12. I try to rotate them once every week or every couple of weeks. I will also switch for weather if needed and for going out. I do try to use all my bags although I definitely have favorites!

    I'm also a freak - when I buy a bag, I have to admire it for at least a couple days before I can use it (for the most part). Anyone else want to cop to a weird purse ritual?
  13. ^i get too scared to use new mine end up sitting around anyways!
  14. Usually once a week. But also taking into account what I'm wearing and the weather too.

    and like willowsmom, i also take a few days to admire my new bags before i wear them (and then take the price tags off)!
  15. It's very random for me. Sometimes I won't switch for weeks at a time and other times I switch more than once a day! I don't discriminate against my bags.:nuts: