How often do you replace / improve house stuff???

  1. I bought a new home almost 10 years and was in the mind frame that everything is new and I'll change stuff later. Well 10 years later and I finally realized everything is NOT new. My question is how often do you replace/upgrade things such as ....

    Interior Paint???
    Kitchen Appliances???
    Bathroom fixtures???
    Kitchen Counters???
    Exterior Paint???
  2. Well, if you have money to spare, change them as your mood takes you.
    If not, most people change them as needed... or just to add value to your home; make your house sell better than your neighbors.
    My advise will be to do a room by room project deal... where is the upgrade going to be??? Location?

    For example, if you are replacing the kitchen floor (a leak from the dishwasher), and appliance is old as well as the counters have a bit of a torn edge... do the whole kitchen as a room project.

    If your living room set is old, update the look with a new set after painting a new color for your walls.

    If your ceilings leaked and needs to be replaced (patched/painted etc.), do your light fixtures while you are at it.

    If your faucet is old and rusty maybe leaked as well, instead of just changing the faucet; change the cabinet, sinks, knobs to match the finish of the faucet... maybe make it a bath project.

    Think "projects", think "themes"... when you update your decors, think on how changing the floor only may affect you wanting to replace whole kitchen cabinets or counters at a later date... due to contractors working on the new floor you now have.

    Think details like the before constructions and after construction works that is done or to be done for smaller projects vs a bigger whole projects. Think process, think progress.

    What you want to start off with is the "room" you want to deal with, then clip pictures from magazines/google search for pics online and compile a folder with these 'ideals'. :idea:Write what MATERIALS you think may need to complete these projects for the room; here is when you start to set budgets (helps you with a rough idea of budget, remember to add labor, shipping and a little extras "for the unseen trimmings" etc.).... Get paint chips, flooring samples or buy individual squares/strips of carpet, wood, ceramic tiles (what you don't use, you can always return)etc.. from your local hardware stores. :yes:If you need for someone to tackle the job, hire a contractor (but price them accordingly and make sure they have references to their work)... or you can always hire your local interior decorator to help with these projects if you lack the time to do it. If you can handle the projects by yourself time-wise, there are plenty of "how-to" home improvement advise and infos on-line, on home-improvement channels and help from your local home improvement stores!!!

    After your compilation, make a collage out of your pics, notes, writings, samples etc... frame them up and you have a very nice piece of Art work for your walls to tell the story of how you got there (with the finished projects). I do that for my favourite clients. ;)

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Just kidding.... My townhouse was built in 1984 but I purchased it almost 6 years ago. The dishwasher, stove, & built-in microwave are the original applicances from when the townhouse was brand new construction 24 years earlier..... Unfortunately, the stove/microwave are still working but the dishwasher is really starting to fall apart but it still cleans very well!

    I want to replace the dishwasher, but then comes the problem of what color to choose (white, silver, black) and then should I also replace the stove & microwave at the same time to be consistent? I would like to remodel our small kitchen some day with new cabinets and counters, so if I pick a new dishwasher now and don't replace the stove/microwave now, then everything will look out of whack later. My kitchen floor is tiled but I had it done when we moved into the townhouse, so I don't need to replace it.

    We also had the original washer/dryer stacked combo that had come with the townhouse when it was new. The dryer broke down about two years ago, so we bought a brand new washer and dryer (separate units). Well, after only two years, the dryer had to be repaired and then it broke again, so my DH got fed up and we bought a brand new dryer (much higher quality).

    Also, the original water heater busted after 20+ years, but of course, it breaks AFTER our homeowner's warranty expired!!!! So, we bought a new water heater about two years ago and that should hopefully last for 20 years or longer.

    So, your question about replacing stuff in your house.... only if you need to because it's old, or do it because you want to remodel. Most appliances last a long time, but as you can see, we had a lemon of a dryer that only lasted two years. I love my new dryer - it sounds like a slot machine when you turn it on and turn the dryer setting dial!!!
  4. well, this could very well be teh reason why we've never been in the same home for more than 2.5 yrs and always buy new :s
    The home we're in now is 6 yrs old and it was outdated to us when we got it.
    If we were to stay put like normal people, we'd repaint as needed, change carpet as needed, etc. . .
    Like I said, this home was 6 yrs old and before we moved in I bought all new carpets, replaced all the hardware {door knobs, cabinet pulls, etc. . . .} repainted half the rooms at least, replaced some light fixtures, changed all the appliances. . . . .:blush: What can I say? I like things new and I LIVE for designing and redecorating!:biggrin:
    I would assume I could get at least 10 more years out of my hardware and a lighting because I didn't choose trendy styles.
    I have 3 children, we'll be lucky to get another year out of my living room carpeting.
  5. I usually have the flooring changed every now and then when i feel like a change but nothing has ever been in my house for over 2 years. I just got new countertops put in the kitchen and might get a different marble color for the foyer. I like re-doing the theme every two years to make a change so this year it's going to be more classical (like traditional europeean) and before it was contemporary.
  6. even floors and counters every 2 years?
    I can't imagine getting that many sq ft of wood and granite that often!
  7. When it needs it. We purchased an old house and have rebuilt it. We thought we would do it over a long period of time, but, well a hurricane, a flood, new codes, water damage, etc. etc. and we did it all under 3 years. But, normally (lol), when something breaks, wears out, rips; needs to be replaced.
  8. I've never lived anywhere that long (well, except with my parents) but if I want to do something and want to spend the money it'll get done. Unfortunately what really needs to be done is my kitchen and bath and it'll be a huge expensive project. I rent from my parents so I can do upgrades and they will pay for some of it, but I have to wait until my mom wants to or pay for it all myself. I live in a very old house (100+ years) and some things last forever, but others obviously don't.
  9. When something breaks or the spirit moves us. Somethings we have been waiting on because of the kids...especially carpet. It was new when we moved in, but after 15 years and 3 kids it def. should be replaced...but I told my hubby, let's hold out just a few more years, since our youngest is 7. I do have a carpet cleaner and use it about every 6 months and that really helps.

    We live in an older home, about 35 years old, and we have been here 15 years...but we loved the neighborhood, big house and huge backyard...very rare in the Bay Area.

    Having an older home has actually worked for us well with a lot of things. Like the furances for example. There are actually 2, an upstairs one and a downstairs one. Even though they are original to the house, in 15 years haven't (knock on wood) given us a bit of trouble. Last week, when the we had the bad winds here, the pilot light went out, PG and E came out to relight it (a cool free service they do)...and they technician kind of laughed at it's age...and I asked, "Is it time to get a new one?"...he laughed and said, "no way, they don't build them like this's 35 years old, and I bet it lasts another 35 years." He said, everything looked great, the auto shut off for the gas worked when the pilot went out, and maybe some new filters, he showed me what I needed and how to slide them in...but other than that it looked great. I must admit they seem very efficient as well. I just paid December's energy bill and it was only $154...not bad for the coldest month out here, and for an over 3000 square foot home.
  10. We replace when things break, not just because.
    Old-fashioned that way, I guess.
    Besides, don't want to interfere with my handbag funds....:graucho:
  11. Thanks everyone for the wonderful replies and advice.

    Loli, those are wonderful tips however, my taste-want to do list is not in synch with my budget. I know what I'd like to do but my house is pretty big and I just don't have it in the budget to do everything I want.

    Frances, I couldn't imagine going through the hassle of having my entire house tore upside down every two years to replace flooring and counters. Besides the expensive I am dreading having to pack up each room and a bunch of people trekking through my house moving stuff.

    My flooring needs to be replaced throughout the house ASAP. What's the best way to get a great deal on flooring. Do I just start calling flooring people and getting estimates???

    Next, I will probably paint the interior and update a few pieces of furniture. I have a few rooms with giant cathedral ceilings so doing it myself i not an option.

    As much as I would love to replace counters and kitchen appliances I think they can wait a couple more years. Everything is in good condition I just want a more updated look.

    Thanks again everyone for your replies.
  12. We wait until it's broken or until we are getting ready to sell. Our house is 7 years old...we'll be leaving in 18-19 months. Our kitchen floors needs to be redone because grout it coming out and tiles are cracking.
    We are repainting the entire house right now, and I think that should last until we leave.
    Also, since we know we are leaving we're not going to replace the carpets.

    I *think* generally many things in a house will last a long long time without needing to be redone. It's usually boredom that makes us want to do things quicker.

    I've been told that ceramic floors & hardwood can last a will ceramic countertops. Most people get bored with the colors and change things.
    Kitchen cabinets can last a long time too.....many people reface them to change the look!

    Dishwashers, stoves, fridges....those appliances should be lasting a minimum of 5 years or more (they just don't make things as good anymore). Same with washers & dryers.

    Carpets.....I've always been told 5-10 years for replacement...but that depends on wear & tear I guess,

    Bathroom fixtures will last forever too as will lighting. Again, usually it's wanting to "update" a look that causes people to change things.

    Paint, should be redone every 3-5 years.
  13. I don't have a rule of thumb, but we make changes when the mood strikes us or when an appliance breaks.

    That's true for everything except paint. I would love to have our interior paint freshened up every two or three years, but my DH thinks the original coat will last a lifetime. It drives me crazy.
  14. I need to refinish the floors in the downstairs of my condo, new appliances and counters, sink. I also need window treatments.

    My condo is falling apart, basically, it was built in 1948. The bones are good and the upstairs is in good shape. I also want to paint a few rooms in the spring (which I will do myself to save money).

    I have been spending so much on healthcare and insurance, I don't have the budget for home repairs and it is snowballing. Time flies when things are falling apart. Nothing seems to last anymore in the way of appliances.

    This is when a handy man boyfriend would be......handy!
  15. Ask friends for recommendations of good flooring contractors. Don't just go by prices. Some years ago we had vinyl in the kitchen replaced and the guys who installed it ended up breaking lots of the tile in the dining room when they nailed down the kitchen flooring and moulding. And their air hammers blew all the wallpaper off the kitchen walls. It was a mess and the contractor denied all responsibility. A friend who built homes recommended these guys but we later learned through the grapevine that this flooring contractor had a crummy reputation around town and there were many other similar stories about them. So ask everyone you know!

    We have an older home and we try to do one big project a year. One year the siding, one year the roof, one year the furnace, one year the driveway, etc. That works for our budget and our sanity.

    We replace appliances as needed.