How often do you purchase a new purse?

  1. My last purchase was 2 days ago. but i keep wanting more . It seem like the more I buy, the more I want. I got my Azur 2 month ago on my California vacation, then I just bought a wallet, a purse & 2 bandeau. Still . So how often do you ladies get a new purse?

    Monthly? Weekly? Yearly?

    me: 2-3 month.
  2. Depends for me...the last one I got was the pink/pink CB pochette in about April or May. My next one will probably be in November, for my birthday.
  3. Used to be 1 every half a yr.. BUT after TPF.. i got 6 withinin 2 months.. Hee..
  4. whenever i can afford it. heehee.. but for this year alone.. it has been one purse per month... and its about time i stop!! heehee...
  5. i'm not on a set schedule. so i'll say that i purchase about 2-4 bags a year. when i see something i'll save up for it first.
  6. lolz i wish i know how to save up. I use my own money to buy all my purses though. My mom doesn't know about LV and all. if she did, she would have kill me. Mostly i just buy it when I want to and I don't pay by credit card because you have to pay interest.

    How do you save up? like put in the piggy bank $20 every week?
  7. Usually about one every season. I don't fall in love easily but this year I fell in LVoe with many differents bags so it's been more. In July, I got the Tulum PM, the MC Shirley, & the Beverly clutch. In August, the MC Speedy. I got the Dentelle Batignolles just last Saturday. I love every bag and use them regularly. Honestly I've never been more satisfied with my bag collection than this year. I do have a couple more I'm planning to buy...the Tivoli and a Murakami LE that will be sold at MOCA in October.
  8. Wow you got a lot. I'm planning to go to the boutique on Monday for just a bandeau. But how do I avoid purchasing more item in a nice way to the SA? Plus i'm totally new to this store i'm going to? would they think i'm cheap just bc i got something small?
  9. Depends on my mood. Like last year i only bought 1 or 2 bag. This year alone i have already bought i think 4. So i guess there's really no pattern to it.
  10. I don't have a schedule. If I see something I want, I buy it.
  11. hee hee
    as often as possible.
    I ahve bought two bags in the last month. both were mid range bags...
    depends on how much extra cash I have and what I want really
  12. I don't really have a schedule that I follow.

    I basically buy something right when I have enough cash to get it.

    I'm a struggling college student so it takes awhile for me to save money for something that I want to get.
  13. yikes, I hope my dh doesn't read this... lol. I've been buying purses bi-weekly since July. September hasn't been any better, I just bought the Neo Cabby MM, a denim speedy from Let-Trade, L' Ingeniueux, and I'm getting the Nimbus pm soon.. must stop before I'm homeless with all my bags. :sweatdrop:
  14. Usually once a year, but I'm not complaining seeing as how I don't actually have a job outside the home. I'd love to get a PT job somewhere, but then I'd have to give up volunteering at my kids' school and such.....that's more important to me, you know?
  15. Super scary for me... If I average it out, I buy one item per week.