How often do you moisturize your leather bags?

  1. Hi everyone-

    I usually buy only signature, but this year I have bought several leather bags. How often do you moisturize them?

    I know several people have also asked about Coach vs Apple moisturizer, but I don't know anything about the Apple product.

    What is it and where can you get it?

  2. Here is the link to the Apple Leather Care:

    I just bought some and conditioned my white leather slim tote and it worked FABULOUSLY!! I'm also curious as to how often to re-condition my bags.
  3. I am also curious about how to care for leather. I have read that you can't put anything on the Mandy's. Is this true? Thanks!!
  4. I want to buy the Apple Conditioner and tried to buy an 8 oz bottle online. HOWEVER, they want to charge me $7.00 for the conditioner and $45....yes $45 for the shipping to Canada!!! Is there anywhere else that I can buy it? Any stores or other online retailers? Thanks so much!
  5. I also know nothing about the apple conditioner... Has anyone put it on the magenta bleecker? I would hate to ruin it or darken the color any... TIA!!!
  6. You might test it on a small inconspicuous spot first; the bottom of the bag, for example. Apple doesn't use animal products, and supposedly doesn't cause the leather to darken like other conditioners do.

    I'm not one to regularly condition my own bags, but once a month is the rule of thumb for many.

    As importantly, if not more so, is not allowing your bags to dry out or mildew. And NEVER store leather bags in plastic (I've said this so many times, it's beginning to sound like a mantra).
  7. ^^ Thanks for the tips! I never would've thought to condition them that often (I was thinking maybe once every 3-6 months). I always store my Coach in their dust bags inside the gift boxes. Hopefully that gives them enough air to breathe!

    Holy crap, biggestbaglover! That is an INSANE price for shipping. Here are some other sites where it's available to order:
  8. As long as they're not exposed to moisture (a humid closet, for example), they ought to be fine in dust bags & boxes.
  9. i moisturize mt bags constantly, especially my soho flap because it seems to get scraped up alot! basically if i find a scrape or mark on it, i'll moisturize it out and usually end up doing the whole bag!
  10. I moisturize, on average, about once per month. But I was told not to use moisturizer on the vintage leather, is that true?
  11. Good question! I'm on a hunt for moisturizing info too since I'l getting a Legacy leather bag for Christmas and I never had that type of leather before. I usually moisturize about once a month if I'm wearing the same bag. Otherwise I do it before I use the bag, and then clean and moisturize before I put it away when I switch. I'm going to have to get the Apple stuff too, just to compare w/the Coach brand.
  12. When I was about to purchase the house brand of leather care products, I was told by a Coach sales associate not to use cleansers or moisturizers on the leather in the Legacy collection. I had purchased a Hamptons leather wristlet and was advised not to use the products on this items either. Aside from buffing out scratches by hand, how would you all recommend taking care of these type of leather purses?
  13. So since the Lily is legacy, no moisturizer?
    What about Bleecker bags, specifically the felicia and shopper?

    The other leather bags I have are an ergo and a penelope. I don't have the foggiest what kind of leather those are.
  14. I think the ergo is a vachetta leather.
  15. The instructions say not to moisturize or do anything to it at all and so do the Coach employees at my boutiques and outlets. When I want it cleaned, I take it to the Coach store. I wouldn't want to take the chance that something will go wrong with the leather in the future...or void the warranty.