How Often Do You Ladies Get All Dolled Up ?

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  1. Makeup,Hair,Outfit, Strappy Shoes, Stilleto's ,Stockings, Clutch Bag, Jewerly. The Works !!!!!

    My husband and I go out at least twice a week.:love:
  2. My Husband and I go out once a week, and if for some reason not together then out with the girls !
  3. I wish it was that often! I do go out more in the summer than I do in the winter though.
  4. Not as much as I would like to. With full time college classes and living on a budget we only go out about once a month.
  5. I always do my makeup and hair, but I rarely ever dress fancy. I don't even own a pair of stilettos, or a clutch :lol: Dressed up for me is a cute sundress and pair of strappy sandals :biggrin: The bf and I go out every couple of weeks or so.
  6. umm since I go to a catholic co-ed high school on dress down days I get "dolled up"? usually on school days I just come in with reg clothing. On dress down days I put on a bit of eyeliner,mascara,lip gloss,and I wear my regular clothing,and I wear one of my bags =). Its funny on dress down days all the girls get "dolled up",and dress..its like a fashion show that day =). Other times when I get dolled up are for sweet 16's,and when I go out to eat with family,and friends!
  7. Probably an average of 2 times a week during the winter. Sometimes during Party season, we have three parties in one weekend and sometimes worse 2 parties on the same day usually in the spring and summer. I love going out in the summer in New York, wearing sandals, going to Asia de Cuba walking down Madison, or going to Brasseria 8 1/2 and walking after around 5th ave. Pradasmeadow where in NY do you like to go out?
  8. Same here.
  9. Averages out to at least once a week, and more often than not twice.
  10. Not as often as I would like to; I treat my dogs like babies - can't leave them home for more than 5 hours alone. :sad2:
  11. I love Quest on the upper West side and Tavern on the green in the Summer, My Husband likes the Blue note for Jazz,
  12. I am not a fan of the food in Tavern but aesthetically its beautiful.
  13. Usually about twice a week or so with the hubby or friends. I think my dear 28yr old body is tried from all my partying in the college days. Then, it was almost 7 days a week!

    I do the hair, makeup and heels (usually 3 1/2 inches or above - yes I LOVE my heels!) and accessories just going to work. I guess I'm a little obsessed with the dolling up ritual. ;)
  14. once or twice a month. not much. have to do this more often now.... the kids are growing up!
  15. Close to never. We have 2 kids playing softball 12 months out of the year, singing lessons along with other lessons, and homework. Our pup who thinks she is our baby. A hubby who works shift work and is off more on week days than weekends. Lets just say my life is wrapped up in theirs and one day we will be able to sit relax and go out like we used to.