How often do you kiwi spray your purses?

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  1. The only vachetta bag I have in my collection is turenne pm as I generally prefer DE. I got her 3 years ago and sprayed the vachetta before using. I hardly use her at all but have decided to start bringing her back into rotation. Should I spray again or do you only ever need to do it the once?
  2. Never.
  3. I wear my vachetta bags in the snow and rain so I usually spray once before I use whether it's a brand new bag or a new to me bag. I used to use Applegarde and now I use Collonil Carbon Pro. After that I let the vachetta keep aging.

    One of my oldest bags with vachetta (a Recital) has only been sprayed once when I got it in 2006 and has a lovely dark honey patina.
  4. I use kiwi once when it’s new.
  5. Never
  6. I spray mine once a year with kiwi
  7. I spray mine once a year with kiwi
  8. never. water wipe down only. Did they have kiwi spray in the 1800s? :P
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