How often do you injure yourself?

  1. Every day, I always get something. A minor cut here, a bruise there, etc, etc. Most of the time, I don't know how it happened.
  2. ^I do that a lot - I'll be in the middle of doing something and a half hour later I look down and I am bleeding. It's like I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn't have time to realize what had happened. I don't do this every day but I would definitely say I do this weekly.
  3. I'm very fair skinned and used to bruise very easily. A friend said it's because I'm not getting enough vitamin C so i now take the 1000mg dose daily with bioflavanoids which help maintain strength of your capillaries and other things. I swear by it now!

    I do still bruise occasionally but only if I have a few hard hits in hockey a couple times a week. But the bruising is pretty minor and heals up quickly.
  4. I would say daily.. minor burns.. bruises from running into stuff.. I've dropped a dumbbell on my big toe quite a few times.. I'm basically a hazard to myself.
  5. Pretty often. I have this permanent bruise on my right shin. It seems like I ram my leg into my bed every night...Hurts like crazy but it seems like I can't stop doing it, no matter how much I try to feel around for the bed while walking from the bathroom in the dark :smile:
  6. At work - everyday. There's so much lifting of heavy equipment that my shins get battered. My legs are so bruised that when I was on holiday in my bikini I thought people would think I'd been beaten up.

    At home - not as much. However I'm probably the least graceful person you'd ever meet and always walk into doors/ cupboards and trip over things. They don't tend to injure me quite so much though, I think I've built up a resistance over the years.
  7. At least once a day. I'm constantly bruised up from running into coffee tables, car doors, walls, pretty much anything in my way. I've always been a total clutz and I'm very fair-skinned so it always shows.:p
  8. im constantly injuring myself.
    today at work the manequins are set on small plinths about the height of my mid shins and i walked into the same plinth TWICE in the space of 30 mins. i have a delightful bruise running across my shins now.

    my So calls me banana because i am constantly covered in bruises.
  9. Allllll the time! I have really bad depth perception, so I'm always running into objects and walls. One time, I fell four feet off the edge of a platfrom because I misjusged how many steps I could take before it ended!