How often do you go to the lv boutique?

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  1. Even just to browse. I find myself going once a week because I happen to be at the mall and I just can't avoid the temptation. Thankfully I only buy once every few months.
  2. I try not to go as much because I hate my local store except for 1 SA.
  3. ....i've two LV stores within 5 miles of me and sadly to say I'm always too intimidated by the SAs to really browse.....I mostly look online and only go when i'm ready to buy.........I can't say my experiences were ever unpleasant, they just weren't very welcoming either........
  4. I don't get to go there too often because it's so far away. That's why plan carefully beforehand so that I'm ready to buy when I finally manage to tweak my schedule to go. Last year I visited the boutique about five times total.
  5. I don't go to my store often either. It's 2 hours in the car (there and back) so I don't get a chance to go too often. I've been mostly buying online recently since it's less hassle.
  6. I only go when I'm planning on buying as the closest store to me is a 40 minute drive.
  7. my closest store is a 1 hour-drive away... last year I was in a store about 10 times but didn't buy something every time!!!😜
  8. I wish I had one next to me to browse but I usually just browse online
  9. I've averaged about once or twice a month.
  10. about once, or twice or 3 times a month. I have become really good friends with one of the SA's and I like to stop in and check on him and see whats new.
  11. There is a store 10 minutes away from my house, but I only visit about once a month. Not a fan of the SAs there.
  12. I only go when I'm close to purchasing something. Otherwise, I'd be there every week and my banking account would not be very happy with me.
  13. I echo similar comments above - maybe once a month? Or every 6 weeks? Usually only when I'm 75% sure I'm buying. I have had fine interactions with SAs, but some are less helpful :shucks: In honesty, I'm kinda jealous of those of you with great relationships with SAs who chat and text, etc. sometimes I wish for that, but then I think about if I did have that great relationship, I might be more tempted to buy more!! $$$ lol
  14. Once or twice a month...
  15. I have 4 stores all within 1 1/2 hrs away by car each way so I don't go very often :/ once every few months although in the last month I have made 3 purchases in two different stores.. I have been bad!