how often do you go to Hermes?

  1. :blush:I was wondering for those of you who live near your main store, how frequently do you go in to see whats on the floor? i live so close i go alot...............
  2. I don't live close and that is the main reason why I can't go as often as I would like. I envy you (in a good way of course) for having the oppotunity to do so...:crybaby:
  3. Too often!
  4. honestly i have gotten FAR better stuff sitting on the floor than i have ever been called i feel like i am more likely to find stuff if i go in. but sometimes i am mildly embarassed
  5. Usually once every two weeks or so, whenever I'm at South Park and I have time to stop in :yes: Today I'm headed over there, but my mission is to get my best friend graduation presents at Sur La Table, which will probably take a while, so I don't think I'll have time to run by Hermes today >_> Next week I'll go though, since I'm going on a personal shopping trip with Dad :yes:
  6. Even though the stores are a 15-min drive away, I usually only pop in once every two weeks or so. I popped in quick at a different boutique today just to see if they had a Ulysse in the color I'm holding out for... but no avail :sad:
  7. I was going every week for awhile, but I've had to stop. VERY BAD for my finances :wtf:
  8. I agree...too often. But, I guess, on average, about 2 times a month. I agree, that sometimes, the things that you would love to have are just sitting there.
  9. depends on how busy I am at work -- if I am busy, I wont make it there for months. Otherwise, try to go in at least once a month.
  10. Around once a fortnight, unless I receive a call that something's in!
  11. On average now, about once per month. Also depends on how much I spent the last time I was in there! LOL, sometimes I have to ban myself from going in and spending more money, which is inevitable in my case -- can't just walk out with nothing.
  12. Probably every month or two. It's nearly on the way of a weekly errand, and a stone's throw from my hairdressor, which helps the H cause a lot. I practice restraint though, and attempt to keep vists closer to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries... anything that could justify what might catch my eye.

    I wish it were closer, and yet, I'm GLAD it's not. :yes: Oh, and so is DH!
  13. I live about an hour away from my store and I try to get there every 2 weeks or so. If I lived closer I would go all the time!
  14. I've never been inside a store. I just window shop. Hope to get a scarf soon.
  15. I live relatively close to the boutique so I try to stop in once a week, if not a couple times a week. The hunt is exciting and the Hermes I live near has something new quite often.