How often do you go in just to browse?

  1. Me: almost never.

    I have the sweetest SA who sends me a thank-you card everytime a friend of mine buys from her and invites me to events but I never go even to those.

    When I am ready to buy, I go in, but I'm not really that interested in just browsing. What about you ladies?
  2. I brouse all the time at Saks and NM chanel.
  3. ^^^ Me too!
    On average, I go about once a month to "look" but usually end up ordering by phone :upsidedown:
  4. I browse at Nordstrom about 2-3 times/month. My SA is the sweetest, so I love going in to talk to her.
  5. once a month...sometimes i wonder y bother??? ...As in Singapore ,choices of chanel bags really sucks.This is a chanel boutique that runs by Chanel in Paris...y on earth do they need a purchasing mgr...(unless chanel is selling to dept stores like Sak/NM..then they would have purchasing mgr from these stores to order in what they want,right)
    Most of the time, they have only 2-3 pcs..(if popular enough ,all will be gone..but no phone ordering)..if not, they have "tons" of unpopular 1s like Paris B... so that goes to show the ability of the purchasing personnel....not understanding the "want" or "taste" of their chanel customers??
    So better to browse & purchase it elsewhere?? A lot of the customers here think so too. Darn it...probably they are not interested in make money?? hahaha
  6. I really try not to browse because I would be walking out with a bag.
  7. I go in at least once a month.
  8. i do my browsing here.:p i do love to see and try on the bags IRL at the boutique, but by the time i get there, i am prob not going home empty handed.
  9. a LOT! At least once a month.. Just to check if my loving handbag (which is not yet purchased) is still there for me!
  10. Whenever I am in town, but then it is with an intention to buy something! I gotta make my trip worthwhile lol!
  11. I go browsing quite frequently. It's really hard staying away when the store is only 2 blocks from my job. But, I don't buy something every time I go, so that's good! I typically browse to see if they have anything that maybe someone on the forum is looking for.
  12. I don't browse very often because I feel bad getting an SA's hopes up for a sale when I know before I even go in, that it isn't going to happen.
  13. I browse when I am in NYC near 57th street as all the places that sell Chanel are within walking distance of each other. So I guess I browse every 2 weeks or so. I enjoy this as usually see different items in the different stores.

  14. It's fun to browse and see the new stock and the possible next purchase. I stop by every time I'm walking by the boutiques. It's also good therapy to touch and sniff when you are down, saves a lot of money on shrinks... maybe not that much if you end up buying but I'd rather have a new bag than see a doctor... :graucho:
  15. ^^that's so sweet of you!
    I pretty much browse whenever I'm at the mall which isn't often anymore because my roomate put a purse ban on me for a month.