How often do you go (booth) tanning? Upkeep in between?

  1. For those of you who go tanning at salons, how often do you go?

    I'm trying to go once a week or less, but I feel like I'm getting so pale. I really want to stop but I can't bring myself to yet so I thought I'd just go about 3 or 4 times a month.

    I guess I'm wondering for those who don't go often, and how you upkeep in between? I'm trying a bit of the Dove energy glow and Neutrogena bronzing foam on top, which kind of keeps the golden brown tan.

    I don't know if anyone else even does this, or just goes a few times a week, but I was curious. I talked myself out of going tonight (Thursday) and will go for maybe 2 minutes under the full time on Saturday. I suppose if I can't get myself to stop (which is more of the point of the post, is the alternatives while tanning), then this is at least something.

  2. I go 5 days a week!!!! I am very addicted to it (for real)! My husband has no idea what my natural skin (or hair) color really is! I know that it is very bad for me, but I can't stand the thought of me being pale. I know that one day I will look like leather!!!!
  3. I stopped going to the tanning bed a few years ago when I noticed age spots appearing on my face. I already had spots on my hands and back, but the face really bothered me. I was 33 or 34 when I quit going. I've been pale for a few years now. You get used to it. :smile:
  4. I quit tanning when I found a pre-cancerous mole on me. Keep in mind I am only 30. It's very bad for you. At that time for my upkeep I was going once a week however I hold a tan REALLY well and get very dark with only a few sessions. Now I use mystic tan.
  5. ^same with me. Mystic is fantastic when you need some color. Otherwise I say embrace your fairness.
  6. ^^^^Ga I embrace my fairness!!! When growing up there was a lady by the neighborhood pool.. tanned every day!!! I cringe when I think about how she looks today. I quit tanning when I was around 22. I worried about the wrinkles more than the cancer... sad but true.
  7. Ouch, please don't think I'm being judgmental but please stop going to the tanning booths! You are ruining your skin and putting yourselves at high risk for skin cancer. If you must have darker skin, please use the lotions or sprays, or go to a salon that sprays the stuff on you instead.

    Leather is for your bags, not your skin!
  8. What's mystic tan? I have embrased my paleness :smile:, but a little color would be nice sometimes.
  9. I have a couple friends who go to tanning booths a few times/week and they don't look tanned...the look orange!! They'd look better pale!!

    I usually only go once or twice before a vacation so I have a bit of a base.

    I's not good for you at all...
  10. It is not really good for you... I can't offer much great advice other than lotion of some sort. All the tanning places have after tan keep tanning lotion :yes: I would try not to do it though- it is not healthy

  11. Mystic tan is a spray get undressed and put a shower cap on your head and booties on your feet and then you get inside this booth standing up. You hit a button and seriously try and hold your breath as the sprayers spray you up and down. You then turn around and do it again. I can never hold my breath long enough though and it's not a very pleasant taste:yucky: . Then you get out and wipe off with a towel.....don't shower or work out for about 7 hours or so to be safe....then you'll have this great looking tan minus the harmful rays!:yahoo:
  12. i met a girl recently only 20 and she got cancer from tanning beds..
  13. i don't go tanning... i don't mind being pale. some of my friends used to go tanning weekly, but have since cut back... it's not good for your skin!
  14. It is SO bad for you and, personally, I think a spray tan can look more natural. When I am feeling v. pale I get a St. Tropez at my spa.
  15. wow I might try the spray tan booths. My commitment is up at the beginning of this month, but I hope it's not too late... I will probably go after work; it wouldn't hurt to try.
    Does it smell? Uncomfortable to sleep with on?
    How often a month do you go and use the Mystic Spray Tan booths?