How often do you give your dog a bath?

  1. My groomer said that once a month is good otherwise their skin will get dry. I really wish I can give Leo (my puppy: almost 1) a bath more than once a month because I like to keep him clean.
  2. I get her groomed once a month. She hates going, so that's the best I can do. It breaks my heart each time I take her.
  3. I have been known to dip mine in after two weeks just using mild baby bath (johnsons is the best ;)) It just takes the edge off of the smell. I do think that dogs smell much more at certain times of the year too (especially if they get very wet), so sometimes I can leave it nearly two months, but on the odd occasion when its necessary, I do not think its a problem to wash them in a very mild doggie shampoo more than once a month :smile:
  4. I give them baths weekly, but since they are short haired doxies it is not hard to do, just toss em in the sink, rinse, soap, rinse, towel dry, run around the house wet. (Them not me)
  5. My Golden Retriever gets a bath every 3-4 weeks. He loves it, especially the blow dryer. That's him in my avatar.
  6. I have to bath my hairless cat every three days. No hair means the dirt shows! LOL
    I use baby shampoo on mine.
  7. I saw a hairless cat at the vet once. It was very friendly and playful. My dog likes cats to begin with and they had a blast together.
  8. I have silky terriers and should bathe them ones a week but I usually just do it every 10 days/2 weeks depending on what they've been up to. Also just hosing them down with water works pretty well.
  9. I use dog or sometimes baby shampoo/wash b/c it's very sensitive. I give my pitbull a bath atleast once a month...she hates it. But, the chihuahua loves the shower she'll jump in every second she gets the chance. We've been trying to cut back b/c her skin is drying out & she's starting to itch like mad.
  10. For some reason my breeder says people shampoo shouldn't be used on dogs. Maybe the pH? I use puppy shampoo even though he's 4 years old and I'm really careful to rinse well. When I think I've rinsed enough, I give it another minute or two.
  11. Back in the dark ages:wtf: I worked for a vet (during college). I recall that being true, that it was the ph as well as some of the chemicals which can permeate the skin. Perhaps we have a vet here at the PF who can confirm this!
  12. You are all better than me. Mine goes to the groomer every six weeks on the same day I get my hair done. Besides the occasional dip in the pool and rinse off, thats it. I have a poodle and a bichon and that has worked perfect for both of them.
  13. My boys get baths when ever we notice that their coats arent quite white anymore. This seems to be about once a month maybe longer. They both hate water and put on like you are killing them so we try to cut down on bath time. They are both indoor dogs so they really dont get that dirty. We also bought doggie cologne for the inbetween time. But again they act like spraying them with it is demeaning so we dont bother with it any more.
  14. I hate when Leo is "dirty". I use to give him a bath once a week but he started scratching like a hip-hop DJ. I'm itching to give him a bath so that he can smell like oatmeal but I don't want to damage his skin...
  15. Did you give them a bath together?