How often do you get wrong number phonecalls?

  1. How often do you receive a call from a weird number, or miss a call from a weird unknown number...?

    I hate when I get them, I used to just ignore them and if a number called that was unknown to me I'd have the ringer be silent.
    But then I got curious and I always try to answer it. I did today and I have no idea who it was but I heard someone.

    I don't know why but I get weirded out by phonecalls like that, I guess I'm just a private person.
    I've had this number for maybe 5 years and get them once in a while.
  2. I get them about once a week, always somebody different.
  3. With my old number it was about once a week. No never! I hate them too!
  4. I don't like people playing on my phone.
  5. I get them pretty often to my cell phone. It is super annoying b/c when I try to call them back, it says it is an invalid number.
  6. I rarely get them... I love how whenever I call back, they are REALLY rude and sometimes get "Don't call here again". :wtf: YOU'RE THE ONE THAT CALLED ME! *shoots middle finger at cell phone* :p
  7. I just ignore them at home and on cell, gotta love caller id! My cell phone even rings, "who can it be now?" for unknowns, so I don't even have to look!
  8. That's a very good idea. Only if I knew how to chage the ring tone.Sigh:sad: .
  9. I actually JUST got one at 6 in the morning today! on my cell phone (I can't turn it on silent since I use it as an alarm too) so ERRRR

    But generally... I've had this cellphone number for 2 years now and had less around 10
    so I guess I"m lucky?
  10. Great idea. How cute.
  11. we got a new phone number at our house several months ago... and for the first couple months or so, we kept getting calls for the people i assume to have had the number prior to us. some of them thought i was lying! it was annoying, but eventually stopped.

    on my cell phone, however, i get them once in awhile... not too often. i did get one yesterday, from an unknown number. i didn't pick up but the person left a message for someone named Katie, and that's definitely not me... lol.
  12. All the time. Mostly it's girls saying something about having a baby or something about going to the doctor. I just ignore them!
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Thanks, Charles! I needed a good laugh!
  14. I used to get them quite often on my home phone when I switched provider's it was usually calls from a doctors office and on my cellphone too someone was always looking for Valerie. But I changed my cellphone number at the end of February so I haven't been bothered since!
  15. OMG LOL :roflmfao: