How often do you get manis/pedis?

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  1. Pedis once a month, manis never.
  2. #62 Nov 28, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
    Pedicures are usually once every 2-3 months. Sometimes I’ll go even longer without polishing, but I try to scrub my feet, and keep them moisturized every time I shower. I wear trainers pretty much everyday so I don’t care about polishing my toes that much.

    Manicures....well, I switch my manis every 2-3 days. If I’ve bought a bunch of polishes all at once, I’ll change my mani every day because I’m determined to swatch every color until I get bored or wanna go back to staple polishes.

    my nail care routine isn’t long. Usually 5 mins tops. When I do my oil treatments I do them overnight when I sleep anyways. I don’t spend a lot of time pushing my cuticles since they’re rather sensitive.
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  3. Once a month for pedicure. Fill ins depend on how my cuticles look. That can be once or twice a month.
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  4. I have been wearing a manicure for at least 1 month. So it turns out that they grow slowly and this is not necessary.
  5. This is me, my nails grow fast and I can't stand the "grow out" so I usually go every 1.5 weeks. I usually do gel, but started doing dip manis again recently.

    I'm trying to break the habit, both for the sake of my nails and my budget. :lol:
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  6. One tip on the powder. I will get ready same color twice in a row. That way they don’t have to soak them off. They just file them a bit (not down to the nail - just down to the barest level of color) and redid them. That keeps my nails from getting soaked in acetone and filed no more than once every 3 weeks.

    For my toes, it doesn’t seem to matter because there is no filing. I just get regular polish so it’s a quick swipe of acetone to get color off and reapply (along with the pedi) so no damage or bother.

    I also use a pumice stone in the shower / bath every couple of days. I always also keep my hands and feet well moisturized including liberal use of cuticle oil.

    To me the cost and effort is minimal to have beautiful, well kept hands and feet every day. It’s not about showing them off. It’s about me being happy with how I care for myself. :amuse:
  7. Mani and pedi every 10-12 days.

    I alternate between dip powder, gel, regular polish, and nothing but a buff for shine on my nails.
    Toes always get a coat of regular polish.
  8. Mani every other week and pedi every four week. Both with shellac.
  9. Shellac mani every 2 weeks and shellac pedi every 6 weeks.
  10. Mani weekly & pedi as needed (3 4- weeks)
  11. Manicure - weekly, I have long natural nails and that’s the best way to maintain them.

    Pedicure - At least once a month, however, if I’m in the mood and like my nail color I’ll get it on my toes.
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  12. Every other week.
    Now I am overdue and all is closed down because of Corona.
    Honestly, I do not know what to do.
    I do not have the skills and tools to do it myself and two nails are already growing into the toes and it starts hurting.
  13. Mani: never
    Pedi: while on vacation