How often do you get manis/pedis?

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  1. I get my nails done about every week. In the past, I got pedicures about every month, but I feel like I need to get them done more frequently as of late! I'm on a every two week schedule for pedicures.
  2. I get a weekly manicure & now with the summer, every 3 weeks
  3. When I had a really good technician, I would go for pedicures every three weeks. She has been on leave for the past two/three weeks , I find myself returning every two weeks. Hands wise, i do them myself.
  4. I'll have a pedicure every 8 weeks or so and my hands every 6...they're gel (not gellac or acrylic) and my nails grow more slowly. I'll have them ground down and back, refilled, and then have the cuticles tidied up.
  5. I get acrylic refills and I go roughly once every 2-3 weeks. My nails don't grow very fast and the acrylic is great because my nail polish never chips!
  6. Gel manicure Q 2 weeks
    Pedicure Q 4 weeks
  7. I go every two weeks for my gel mani. My nails grow really fast so i can't really stretch it longer. For pedi i go once a month. I have dry feet so i like to keep up on that, i also do a paraffin treatment to help. And again my nails grow so fast that if stretched that out longer id have to trim my nails in between. I just prefer having someone else do it cause they always end up uneven or jacked when i do it.
  8. For mani, I get the healthy nails also known as Dip or Next Gen. They last a good month for me unlike gel which only lasted two weeks. So for both mani and pedi I go every month.
  9. I used to go every 2 weeks in the past before being a I go every 4 weeks at most and I feel I could definitely use going more often. can't handle what a mess my hands & feet look like for that long!
  10. Every two weeks pedicure
    No manicure....I do it myself

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  11. I do my own manicures and pedicures with regular polish. I do every week for my hand and every 4 weeks for my toes. Sometimes Ill redo just my big toe on the 2nd or 3rd week so growth is less obvious, but I always redo the whole thing at 4 weeks.

    When I had gel polish I would go to the salon and every 2 weeks, but ideally it needed to be every 9-10 days. The regrowth was just too much and I was hiding my hands by the 2 week mark.
  12. I get my nails and toes done professionally maybe 6 times a year. The other times, I do my own. I don't have a set time, just whenever I feel like it.
  13. not nearly enough!
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  14. Manicures I do myself every week. They are gel manicures, mostly OPI GelColor, and I could easily go another week, even two, but I like to change color weekly. Pedicures I used to do myself, but it is harder and harder to twist myself into position to do my toenails well. I get a pedicure about once a month.
  15. I do gel nails around every month. :smile: