How often do you get facials?

  1. I usually get one every 3-4 months, but someone said you should get one every month...

    I don't want to get them too often and irritate my skin, but I also don't want to get them too infrequently...

    someone set me straight! LOL:nuts:
  2. I've never had one (can you believe it?). I hope more ladies can point us in the right direction. I'm awful scared that a facial/microdermabrasion will do something bad to my skin... I know they're supposed to improve it, but I'm very fearful of something bad happening hehe. I cried when I had to get a tooth filled for the first time in 24yrs, and not because of the pain! Just the thought of not having part of my tooth anymore LOL.
  3. I used to have them every 6 weeks or so... but the last time, i ended up with three... yes... count them three... sties (spelling on this one???) in one eye and it was sooooooo painful... I haven't had one (a facial) since...
  4. I get them once a month. A facial should be a comfortable/relaxing experience. Do you research and go to a clean facility.
  5. I really really want to get one but I HATE people touching, poking, etc. my face! LOL.
  6. It's quite relaxing but if you don't like people touching your face it will be a problem. There is alot of application, rubbing in, and taking off of products.
  7. Not often enough. Which is why I look so freaking busted!

    I would like to get a facial every month. Especially during the school year when I regularly break out in hives from the stress. :sad:
  8. I loooove getting facials! I get them with the esthetician at my dermatologists office frequently. When my skin was very very bad I went every 3 weeks, as it started to improve I now go every 4 or 5 weeks.
  9. The optimum rate is every 28 days. That is the rate your skin sloughs off the tops skin cells when you are in your teens/20's. As you get older, it slows down. Women in their 60's are as slow as 90 days to slough off the top layer of skin cells! Facials can be customized to what your skin needs and can tolerate. I wouldn't worry about irritating your skin unless you are not seeing a professional for your facials. They can help calm your skin!
  10. I get them twice a month. I have very oily skin, and I'm also a fanatic about my appearance, so this is a good schedule for me.
  11. I get one per month and I really look forward to them.
  12. Thanks for the feedback...good info Lisa! :smile:
  13. i go religiously once a month!
  14. i go every 8 weeks
  15. once a month