Tech How often do you get a new cell phone?

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  1. How often do you guys upgrade your cell phone/get a new one?

    I've had my Pearl for a little over a year (I got it at the end of last May) but I think I want the Bold, which is being released by Rogers this week. It looks like it will be pretty expensive, plus I'll have to buy it outright since the upgrade cost will be just as much (since I just upgraded last year). lol, I'm wondering if I can justify it if I'll definitely use it for at least two years. lol. :rolleyes:
  2. I never upgrade. my phone is working good for several years. and i don't like upgrading because i don't like extending contracts. As for getting new phone, it's rare.
  3. Once every 6 months.
  4. Anytime my carrier comes out with a phone I like better than the one I'm currently using, lol!

    My husband calls me a phone ho.
  5. The Bold looks amazing! It's a great upgrade from the Blackberry Pearl. I get a new phone every two years when I renew my contract.
  6. Approx. every 1.5 years.
  7. when it comes to cell phone..i don't change it unless it went swimming in some drain or smashed against the wall. i like to stick to one for a long time.. here in pf, we already have an addiction with purses, i don't need another one! :roflmfao:
  8. I get a new phone every 2 years. It's when my contract expires, so when I renew it I usually get the phone for free or really cheap.
  9. Almost every year. I'm getting a new tomorrow actually! In the past few years I've keep losing my phone so its more than once a year!
  10. I get one almost every two years because every phone i have had dies at the two year point.
  11. At least two years... technology moves way too fast for a person to be on top of the latest cell phone trend for long.
  12. Whenever I lose the current one. :roflmfao:
  13. Every 2 years... free phones are nice.
  14. I got my first cell phone in 6th grade. after my 2 year contract, got my LG enV. but after a few months my parents decided to switch to at&t for iphones. So now I have my iphone and I never want a new phone. :P
  15. I always like the phone I currently have. I only get a new one if the current one isn't working correctly. I had my last phone for 4 years before the battery life was dead. It was a better deal for me to get a new phone rather than a new battery. I like my new phone and I've had it for about 6 months already. I'm sure I'll hang on to it for at least a couple more years.