How often do you floss?

  1. I know you should actually do this after every meal, but I'm lucky if I get around to it everyday.

    So how often do you gals floss???
  2. I try at least once a day but sometimes twice if I go out of the house too.
  3. Every night! I like to follow that up with a rinse of Listerine.
  4. every night prior to brushing!
  5. every night before brushing
  6. I do it everyday.
  7. 1x a day
  8. At least 2x a day.
  9. Twice a day faithfully...I'm no spring chicken anymore and I plan on keeping my teeth, ALL of them until the day I die! No dentures for me boy! no way. I also use Listerines Whitening rinse and I also keep listerine and tooth brush and toothpaste in my desk for after I eat my lunch (on the rare occasions I actually do eat lunch that is).
  10. Twice daily without matter if I fall asleep on the couch before I drag myself into bed, it still gets done. As a former dental assistant of 18 years, I have seen the ravages of dental neglect on teeth and gums. As they say "Only floss the ones you want to keep."
  11. Every time I eat. I have a crown on each side of my mouth and food always gets stuck. I bought some Glide picks (I think they're called) and keep them in my purse, my desk at work, in the car. . .everywhere. They're great!
  12. once a day
  13. atleast once a day.
  14. i brush 3x a day, but i floss only once, at night usually.........
  15. i floss once every day, usually at night (before brushing)