How often do you eat FAST FOOD?

  1. Once every 1-2 weeks, more if I'm traveling or working late (since food/time options are more limited). Same goes for large chain restaurants since we favor independently owned places. DH & I tend to focus on improving the quality of our diet rather than moderating the quantity. :p
  2. The first time I ate fast food, I was 16. Then again when I was about 19 and move to the US. Since, then I haven't had Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc. I am 29, now.
  3. Very rarely. When I was in high school I would eat McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy's 5 days a week. Now when I try to eat something from them I have a hard time getting it down.
  4. I eat anything/everything in moderation... Will a McDonalds burger now and then kill you? NO.. especially if your diet is healthy and nutritious otherwise. If you ate tons of fresh fruits and veggies every single day and had a Big Mac once a week (or even a few times a week), it would probably still be a much healthier diet than eating processed crap at home all the time and never ever eating fast food :shrugs:
  5. I'm happy someone sees it my way!
  6. My name is Marnie and I love fast food.

    BUT, the last several weeks I've been counting calories (and losing weight!) and have stayed away from any and all fast food. My husband and son still eat it about once a week though. I miss it.
  7. As and when I crave for it. I don't really restrict myself. I would say it can be as often as a few times a week to none for weeks.
  8. Im heavily addicted to Chipolte.

    Once I ate it once every day for a whole week!!!

    I do cook here and there, go to sit down restuarants or even eat homeade cooking from friends and family. But there is something with walking by the restuarant and just thinking of that lovely rice that has me walking through the doors.

    proceed with caution eating at that place
  9. right. eating a Micky D's hamburger cant be no healthier then Hamburger Helper. Its all processed.
  10. While I will admit it's yummy....I try never to eat fast food. I have 3 kids though that love McDonalds and occasionally we will go. I may have french fries or something but that's about it. I hate how I feel afterwards. I get so mad at myself too. If I am going to consume those kind of calories I want it to be with something pasta or something.
  11. I have it more than I should. When I go for an HB, it's more of a local Mom and Pop place w/better hamburger meat and fresher ingredients...I would LOVE to have an in-n-out burger where I live. I used to have a HB at Nation's in Northern Cali. Burgers are my favorite FFood. I'm not a fan of FF Mexican, fish, etc.

    Again, I think it's balance. Once in a while is fine, if you eat healthy on a regular basis. But I will agree that there is a ton of fat, calories, sodium, and well...junk in most FF...still can taste divine, however!
  12. Never
  13. I personally looove fast food (especially Taco Bell and McDonald's chicken nuggets and snack wraps), but feel guilty when I eat it, so I limit myself to maybe a few times a year (usually road trips or when I'm in airports).
  14. I eat fast food and restaurant food ALL the time. My metabolism is still relatively fast though!
  15. If you do a detox/juice cleanse for a few days and don't eat it for a while and then go back to it you WILL NOT feel the same way trust me! I used to eat it everyday too then last year I did the Blueprint cleanse and now its just not as appealing to me.