How often do you eat FAST FOOD?

  1. I actually never eat fast food because I'm a vegetarian and a picky eater. As well fast food tends to be artificial in many ways and I like to eat real food.
  2. Very rarely, sometimes on a road trip I might hit in & out or something. Probably less than 4x a year. Well maybe that's a lie because hubby and I do hit Dairy Queen for a Blizzard maybe once a month or so :smile: but Blizzards don't count ! LOL
  3. On average 1-2 times a month :smile:
  4. hardly ever...
  5. A few times a week
  6. Never
  7. Maybe every other month or so
  8. very very rarely. If I do, I go for a salad. When I was younger, I ate fast food often, maybe three times a week but I try to avoid that now.
  9. whenever i feel like it. i do not believe in denying myself anything that makes me happy.
  10. Not often. I can't remember the last time I had fast food from a chain restaurant. Probably a few months ago or longer?

    I do eat from a local sub shop often.
  11. More often than I should! We just got an Au Bon Pain at out hospital that is open 24 hours, great for us night-shift workers but hard on the wallet. Love their hot soups!
  12. Never!
  13. Once a month, usually on shopping days out of town. I try to do jamba juice or something healthier though
  14. never! probably a couple times a year
  15. To be clear though, it's a health choice, not a taste choice. I actually love in and out burger and would drown everything in spread if it were not total crap for me. And chik fil a rocks. And McDonald's fries! But outside of those three things, id be fine if it didn't exist lol