How often do YOU do it?

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  1. I would say I change bags every 3 days or so.
    Also, if it rains, I use my vintage Fendi, not my H bags.
  2. My big problem is that I tend to fall in love all over again with every bag that I carry. I practically mourn putting each one back into storage. Thus I resist changing them out, which makes absolutely no sense since it just means lots of bags go unused for periods of time.

    I have been on a kick with my 35cm black barenia for about 2 months now. Going to the Carribean this month, though, so I know I will swap her out for a more festive bag. I'm thinking yellow or fuschia!
  3. I never carry a bag over two weeks. I enjoy changing them out frequently. They seem to stay in excellent condition that way.
  4. I'm just like you, Anabeni! I tend to carry the same bag for days at a time because all my baxes are in their bags and boxes, so it is a hassle to change. It turns out ok since I have almost all neutral bags---brown, rouge H, graphite, black.
  5. Very often actually. Depends on both the weather and outfit for the day.
  6. I tend to stick with one bag just like Anabeni. One I'm carrying now (for months!) fits with my all work/no play routine(poor me) and winter outwear and depressing weather. I tend to change bags often in warm seasons.
  7. I like to stick with one bag too (until I get sick of it). I'm too lazy to move all my stuff in and out of different bags!

    lucywife--I really, really love your avatar pic. May i ask where it's from?
  8. I change my bags everyday if I feel it's needed. my bag is a part of my outfit. especially for evening. I definitely switch to a smaller bag. I always save a few min. for bags when I get dressed. I love all my bags it's a pity not spent some time for chosen them. I consider chosen the bag is the last fun part of the while dressing process. hi, I am obsessed with bags.
  9. Argh...I'm back in a rut. I WANT to switch bags more often, but I guess I get too lazy. My bags are all pretty neutral (Bleu Abysse, Black and Rouge H) so I rarely have a problem with "matching".
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    that's not a bad thing actually lol i buy bags because i find nothing i have matches my clothes but with H it is a very long and slow process.

    i change depending on my clothes, where i'm going to. weather does not really affect me since it is car - destination - car. i love underground parking!

    bags are kept in sleepers and not in their boxes or i would be too lazy to change. like india, i don't use inserts because i sort of dislike seeing nylon when i open my bag. i use thin suede cosmetics pouches that were gifts from my favourite perfumerie/skincare store. i clear all things from my bags the minute i get home. keys and wallet by the hall table and receipts and whatever junk accumulated gets thrown out.