How often do YOU do it?

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  1. Anytime, all the time, depending on the outfit.

    Sometimes I dress around a Top, or a special accessory but more often than not around a particular pair of shoes....So I do tend to change my bag everyday. They are in their dustbags but not in their boxes...else I would be too lazy....:P
  2. and just as a question do any of you feel that you end up wearing your leather more than exotics just as a general question i mean all the time i unpack it fell it see the way it looks and allways change into a togo swift or TC hmmm ............... just wondering
  3. Yes, I do. I ADORE my exotic Kelly but tend to wear it only when I'm going to the city....

    Today, torn straight-legged jeans, brown cashmere sweater, brown boots and vintage Chestnut Box Kelly with Brass hardware. Changed from the graphite Kelly I toted around yesterday......if I wore the same outfit but with black sweater and boots, I'd use the Graphite instead......
  4. A few times per week for me. I keep two H bags on "display" in my bedroom and store the others in their sleepers on shelving in my closet. If I think my outfit planned for the following day calls for one in the closet, I remove it in the evening, put it on the "display" and return the displaced one to the closet.
  5. Almost everyday to coordinate with whatever I am wearing. I do have a bag insert that I easily move from H to H.
  6. i change my bag daily. I store all of them in their dustbags and boxes but always have 4 or 5 bags out of their dustbags for use in a week. This week its Ms Lindy30, Ms Kelly35, Ms HAC32, Ms Birkin30 and Ms Birkin25.
  7. I keep mine in their dustbags with felt and sleeping peacefully in their orange boxes,
    but I don't mind the wrapping and unwrapping! It always feels like the first time I
    opened the box! The lovely leather smell!!! So, anyway, I change about 3 times a week!
  8. Pamella....... You are so cute......that you like to take them out of their dustbags and boxes & savor the smell of the leather. Just like my DD.......she says the same thing :nuts: I change my purse about twice a week, unless I'm wearing a specific outfit, and need to use a particular bag.
  9. Yes, Tillie, I find that I seem to pick the purse first, and then an outfit to go with my purse! Just the opposite of the way I used to dress (Before H!) hehe
  10. I always intend to change at least daily, but the reality due to my laziness is it is more like weekly--or maybe twice a week (one bag that I end up using during workweek and switch over to Lindy or other more casual bag for the weekend).
  11. I have the same probs as you, feels the same as well.
    So, normally change bags once a week.
  12. Today is Day 3, Bag 3! I'm getting better... :smile:
  13. Mrs. PP des not hesitate to change bags as she always makes sure her Birkin matches her outfit when we go out. It is I who gets tired of putting it a way with air bags and all...but I do like the fact that she uses them all as I get more bang for my buck so to speak.
  14. s mom thanks i know right what is up with the leather over exotics i just think that the thing is i guard them so well im not enjoying them as much and i think well life is so short but i mean what is the effect on theese bags i love them i carry the leathers and everybody goes crazy i carry the exotics and i go crazy!!! at least i like to know im not the only one that feels something about the exotics being so special thanks for your imput smom
  15. BBK nearly every day, here :lol: