How often do YOU do it?

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  1. Change them almost everyday, depending on my mood or outfit..and the weather..When I first got my LV I used it for 3 months straight! That is a long time for me...:yahoo:
  2. No, I don't use an organizer. As DH says "why don't you pick out your outfit the night before, and move everything to that purse?" Silly DH, as if I could pick out what I want to wear before the morning!!! I have to be honest, sometimes I am late in the morning from picking which purse to use!! :wacko::wacko:
  3. Every day. My bag has to match my outfit so depending on what I wear I'll change my bag.
  4. I don't use an organizer either. It only takes a few seconds to move my stuff from one bag to another....

    I tend to change bags depending on what I'm wearing but lately since I've culled my collection to what really works, I find I go a few days at a time with the same bag.
  5. I change my bags almost daily depending on what I am wearing. There are times I will stick to one bag for the entire week but it's quite rare for that to happen. I use karos to organise my things so it makes it very easy to change bags. It also helps that almost all of my bags are out of their sleeper bags and on the shelf so there's no hassle at all.
  6. Once a week.
  7. It varies. I've been wearing my black a lot lately, but if my outfit suggests it, I'll switch to my rouge H or my cafe. In the
    warmer months, I tend to stay with the etoupe. It's only because of the Chameleon that I switch bags - I'm much too lazy
    to move all my things individually.:shame: And I just keep them in the dustbags - if I kept them in their boxes, I'd probably
    NEVER change.
  8. I generally use my Birkin during the week when I'm usually toting DD to play dates and such where we'll mostly be in the car or someplace where I can set my bag down while I chase her around. I switch to my Evelyne or Kelly 28 on the weekend when I'm taking her to the zoo or playground and have to keep my bag on my person at all times. I don't really think about whether the bag goes with my outfit. I'd never get out of the house if I did that! I don't use an organizer with my Birkin because I can't transfer the CHameleon to my Kelly or Evelyne, so it's not really a convenience for me. Plus, I found that it limited the amount of room I can actually use in the Birkin. I much prefer the Karo route, much to the dismay of my bank account :graucho:
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    880 - How you can carry so little amazes me. You are today's Purse Hero.

    Anabeni - I usually switch on the wknd - esp. if I'm off both days. I also store my bags in their sleepers and boxes. It sounds silly but I make a little event of it. I have a bevvie (wine at night or one of DH's made to order espressos in the morning), pick out the new bag and leisurely make the switch. I pick the bag (H or otherwise) that tickles my fancy at that moment. If the wine or espresso is really good, I switch out SLGs too. :graucho: Then on Sunday night or Monday morning, it's back to one of my workhorses.
  10. ^^^valencia, you're my hero. You make a little "event" about switching purses? I love that! Love, love. And tomorrow, I will switch bags, no matter what. Espresso included!

    Thanks for your responses everyone.
  11. To use a chameleon insert in evelynes, I take out the bottom piece (flat cardboard liner) of the chameleon. It works like a charm!
  12. It depends on the occasion and where I'm going. I can change my bags several times a day. A workhorse during the day, a bag for dinner and yet another if I'm doing a casual supper or going somewhere at night.
  13. I usually try and switch bags every week. Used to change bags every day then got lazy so it's usually once a week now. I tend to choose outfits depending on which bag I am carrying that week.
  14. As often as possible.

    Oh, I'm sorry, what was the question?

  15. About 2 to 3xper week.They do get rotated fairly well but I agree with others if it's a severe downpour I switch over to my old Prada Nylon bag.