How often do YOU do it?

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  1. Change bags, I mean:P.

    I am lucky enough to have 3 H bags (and even a few non-H) that I adore. I would like to switch bags more often because I love them ALL, and they all fit into my lifestyle.

    My problem is that once I use one bag, I tend to stick with that one. I store my bags in their sleepers, and in their boxes so getting them out and switching my things isn't always convenient. And I even have a Chameleon insert to keep things organized.

    So my question is, how often do you change bags? Every day with every outfit? Once a month? I do change to an evening bag when I need to, but my question is more about everyday bags. I feel guilty about leaving Miss B at home when I take Miss K out to play!

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. Well, the title of your thread sure did draw me in. LOL

    Anyway, I seem to change at least once a week, sometimes more. Sometimes it literally depends on the weather. I don't always try to match to an outfit. I tend to plan the outfit around the bag. LOL
  3. I switch bags depending on what I am wearing. I don;t keep them in sleepers or boxes though - I would never change if I did that. :biggrin:
  4. I have been carrying Miss Bolide since I purchased her in December. Switched to Miss Evelyne today for the weekend.
  5. I change my bag a few times a week. My bags are stored in their sleepers, but I do like to rotate them. The one bag that I seem to stick to when used is my etoupe. It does seem to just go with everything.
  6. I also rotate my bags prety frequently.. right now I am enjoying my kelly
  7. I change my bags almost every day
  8. Yikes, a few times a week??? Ok, I am really going to make more of an effort to rotate more often. Do you ladies use an organizer?
  9. I tend to switch depending on what I'm wearing. I like for my bag to coordinate with my outfit, if possible. But if there are a couple bags that match an outfit and one is already in use, I'll stick with that one.
  10. I don't like organizers... I like the be able to throw my things in the bag without having to deal with putting things in a certain spot.

    I have an H rainbow and everything that is in my bag is in an H pouch, etc. So it takes maybe 10 seconds to move things from one bag to another. What takes the most time is buckling up the bag with its felt, taking off its key chain or cadena and putting it in its sleeper and then in the box... that just is not a fast process.
  11. I change bags about twice a week. But like hermesmonkey I used my etoupe the most..I just don't take it our when it is raining. I carry my other non-H bags on those days. I feel a little guilty that the Prada,Chole and Balenciaga's have been demoted to rain bags:amuse:
  12. When I go to bed at night, I unpack my purse. I have a dish for everything I need to keep (keys, PM agenda, wallet). I sort receipts either by trash or To Be Filed. Trash gets dumped, and the bag is tucked away in its sleeper.
    The next morning, I grab a bag to match that day's mood/outfit.
  13. I have a few bags that I change in and out of every week. I interchange my TPM Picotin and Lindy everyday, depending on where I go throughout the day. And a few Birkins are always out on my shelves for "grab and go" too.
  14. I tend to be very lazy with my bags. I use the same bag for 2-3 weeks before rotating.
  15. Yes, sometimes, but some bags take different sizes (sometimes I like to have room outside the organizer for shawl, etc, sometimes not. LOL. (I vacillate between medium and large chameleon and no chameleon). When my SA sees the chameleon in the paris bombay, she winces (jokingly) because she thinks the interior should also gain patina.

    I should say that I normally carry very little - no cosmetics except eye drops; very small wallet; key case; metro card and sunglasses. Sometimes the body of my HAC Barenia is filled with groceries lol.