How often do you cook? I think my SO is spoiled!

  1. So when I worked full-time, I would make 3-4 dinners a week (from scratch). As a SAHM, currently I cook pretty much every night PLUS a few meals during the weekends. I'm talking full-on Chinese, Korean, American, Italian, any meals from scratch! Not spaghetti with jarred marinara. More like Prime Rib on the bone, Chilean sea bass with ginger/soy black bean sauce, kim chi from scratch...

    My SO thinks this is pretty much the "standard," that all SAHM cook at least 5 dinners a week! Mind you, we also have a 16 month old son that I am responsible for.

    Never mind that my husband's colleagues' wives told me they don't cook that often. He doesn't believe them.

    I don't think he appreciates it. He came from a traditional Asian family where the boys were spoiled rotten.

    Clear it up for me, ladies. I won't be offended if you cook more than I do:yes: Just wondering...
  2. I cook for my FI every night, but not from scratch...the the only thing I make from scratch is spaghetti sauce....mmmmm....and pasta. Everything else is just a piece of meat and a side and a veggie, that's about it! Your SO is spoiled!!!! You sound like an awesome cook! I'm comin' over!!!! j/k
  3. I am a SAHM and I cook about once a month! LOL I just don't have the time nor desire. We always order in from different restaurants! Plus most of the time it's cheaper as neither one of us will eat leftovers.
  4. I'm a college student (Senior, after this semester!) and I cook at least 4 times a week. And I'm talking big, full on meals of all types. I'll do Mexican, Italian, Japanese, etc. But I also do a lot of big Southern American meals for myself, when SO isn't around, since he can't stand a lot of southern food: thinly sliced cabbage cooked with vinegar and dill, sour cream bisquits, country ham, etc.

    SO appreciates the cooking, and he better darn well tell me, because it takes hours to do that stuff (but I do it because I enjoy cooking :biggrin:)
  5. I cook 2-3 times a week. But I always have things planned. Most of the time, I'll make one thing and reuse it in different recipes throughout the week. For example, I'll do roast chicken one night, make enchiladas the next, and then use it to make chicken pot pie the next day.
  6. Yep, he's spoiled. Most women I know don't that much effort into the kitchen. I try to cook as much as possible, but I also love to cook. Even then, I'm lucky if I have time to cook 3 times a week.
  7. Yeah, before we were married I never cooked, didn't know how to cook, my parents never cooked. It wasn't a big deal with SO.

    After we were married, I commited to learning how to make good meals. After toying with various cookbooks and websites, now I can pretty much make anything. After dinner, I cut up fruit in a bowl and give that to him to, +/- coffee/tea. Yes, he's never washed nor cut a piece of fruit since we were married.

    And it wasn't like I worked a 9-5 job either. I was an OB-Gyn doctor and would cook the evening AFTER being up all night! I start working again next month.

    Thanks for the support. :yes: :yes:
  8. i cook 3-4 times a week but will probably cook more when my youngest heads off to college in august.
  9. i work full time too (normally, I'm out on disability now following botched back surgery), but when I'm working I would cook 3 nights a week and we'd eat leftovers the other 3 and go out sat night. hopefully when I have kids, I will be a SAHM, and I will cook, I like to cook, I don't think your DH is spoiled, I think you're a nice wife
  10. I cook 5 days a week! It's DH's turn during the weekends to cook.
  11. I mostly use box stuff like rice-a-roni or hamburger helper... I maybe cook 1 or 2 tomes every 2 weeks!!
  12. My SO would cook for me if I lived with him and the kids. If he lived with me he would be lucky to get other than Lean Cuisine!! lol. :p :smile:
  13. I cook almost everyday..but that's because I like to..esp. elaborate Chinese dishes :smile:
  14. I usually cook 5 times a week, but 2-3 of those nights are mostly meat, veggies & a couple of sides. I am not a great cook, but since I don't work full time anymore, I feel I should do the more of the domestic crap.:yucky:
  15. I don't hardly cook during the week because I don't even have time to eat!!!! BUT....on the weekend hold on to your britches cuz I am fixin' to kick some ass in the kitchen